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Your life purpose is revealed though your Dayology signature. Figure out your personal signature using our handy calculator. .......

The Sun Sign Types

In Dayology the Sun Sign rules the OUTER Self in the OUTER world. From these delineations you can easily sense the gifts and challenges of each Sun Sign type.…

The Day Ray Types

In Dayology the Day Ray is determined by the day of the week upon which we are born and reveals the INNER Self. Through these delineations you can easily sense the opportunities and challenges of each Day Ray type.…

The Seven Day Circle – REVIEW

The title is The Seven Day Circle. The author is Eviatar Zerubavel and it was published in 1985. I am reviewing this book for so that others can decide if it interests them or not.…

The Two-Minute Task

At one point during my personal investigation of the days of the week I wondered if there were any quick actions that I could take that would allow me to contact and express the daily rulers. Here is what I found:…

The Dayology Week

As we learn more about the seven days of week we discover that certain activities work better with the energies of one day and not the others. Here’s a list of experiences based upon my own experimentation.…

Dayology as a Typology System

Chances are that you haven’t heard that much about Dayology, so you might be wondering what it is and how it could be of use to you. Put very simply, Dayology is a typology system. Typically these sets of beliefs categorize people into general types using various characteristics like body builds, work skill sets, personality temperaments or psychological outlooks. Typologies […]…

The Day of the Week Rulers

Astrologically each day of the week is ruled by a different heavenly body. This means that on each day we are bathed in a specific celestial energy and that certain activities are more successfully performed on that one day.…