The Two-Minute Task

At one point during my personal investigation of the days of the week I wondered if there were any quick actions that I could take that would allow me to contact and express the daily rulers. Here is what I discovered:

The Two-Minute Task on Monday adds fresh energy to life and upgrades our environment. Change your linens and make your bed. Hang up any clothes that are lying around. Start a new load of laundry. Unload the dishwasher and put the dishes away. Make a grocery list by checking the items in your pantry or refrigerator that will soon need to be replaced. Water your indoor plants. Do a thorough inventory of your office supplies and place an order. Refill the paper tray in the photocopier or printer. Return any loose papers to their folder. Clean out your email.

The Two-Minute Task on Tuesday exercises our body and increases our energy levels. Take twenty deep breaths. Tense your muscles as if your were a wild animal. Tone your body with some long, gentle stretches. Walk up and down a staircase. Touch your toes twenty times. Jog briskly around the block. Take a steamy shower. Perform some physical gestures you would make if you were free to act as exactly as you please. Toast an English muffin or a bagel. Put a lot of black pepper on your eggs. Eat a breakfast burrito with salsa. Sip a cup of hot chocolate or spicy chai.

The Two-Minute Task on Wednesday activates our minds and makes us more alert. Make a list of twenty things you need to do today. Count backwards from 100 to 1. Look up the multiple meanings of one word. Using your voice repeat one sentence with as many intonations as you can. Recite a poem of the lyrics of a song from memory. Add and delete some names in your email address book. Make a deliberately quick phone call. Inquire about the  health of a person or the status of an ongoing project. Deposit an envelope in the outgoing mail. Dust your file cabinets.

The Two-Minute Task on Thursday affirms that is a caring and abundant world. Take stock of everything good in your life. Make a list of everyone who has ever helped you. Consider one of your personal faults and ponder upon how it could be improved. Think of ways that you can give someone a hand today. Let someone help you. Find one positive feature about anyone who is misunderstood or disliked. Visualize a place you would like to visit. Put the loose change from your pocket into a jar earmarked for an impossible dream. Write a check to a worth cause or charity.

The Two-Minute Task on Friday affirms that you live in a loving and beautiful world. Purposefully dress in an attractive manner. Look at yourself in a mirror and appreciate your best features. Plump up the pillow on your couch and adjust the pictures on the wall. Purchase a simple bouquet of flowers for your office desk or dinner table. Put out a dish of sweets for others. Give a compliment to someone who needs it. Picture someone who has loved you dearly. Strengthen your commitments with your current and closest relationship either in person or in writing.

The Two-Minute Task on Saturday reveals that physical world, while useful definitely has a shelf-life. Gather together all your belongings that need repair or list the tasks that need finishing up. Make a bag of clothing to take to the cleaners. Collect another bag of things to give to charity. Move any seasonal items to the attic, basement or garage. Sort out your tools according to their use. Make an appointment to have your car serviced. Change the kitty litter. Rake the leaves in your yard. Take out the trash. Pick up some roadside trash. Send cards to elderly relatives.

The Two-Minute Task on Sunday reestablishes our connection to our source. If the day is bright and sunny, feel the warmth of the Sun upon your skin. If the day is overcast, search for a golden glint within the clouds.  Feed some breadcrumbs to the birds. Say a special prayer for world peace. Meditate and become one with the Universe. Read the Sunday paper looking for positive events. Invite a person to share your midday meal. Take a walk and greet the people you pass with kindness.