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What is Dayology Anyway?


Dayology is the study of the seven days week, the people born on each day of the week and the events that take place on them. Any questions?

Here on we are studying the seven basic Day Ray types and the specific situations that these individuals tend to experience. This idea of checking out the day of the week on which you were born is not new.  In fact, what we are calling Dayology is an even older  form of astrology. It rests upon the foundational principles known as correspondences and dignities, which are rarely used in popular astrology.

For a decade Barbara Bianco has researched the seven Day Rays and how they can be used with the twelve Sun Signs. During this time she has trained a small group of individuals, astrologers and non-astrologers, to utilize the Dayology system to understand their friends and family.

From her personal research it has become clear that each of the eighty-four Dayology Signatures has a different life purpose and a unique approach. It also appears that Dayology has the spiritual potential to let individuals be themselves and allow others to do the same.

At this time a loosely formed organization is being formed to gather together the individuals interested in exploring the Dayology principles and spreading the word about this typology system.

Learn more about the Background of Dayology.

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