The Morning After the Election

Yesterday was the 2016 U.S. Election Day. Today Donald Trump is the President Elect of the United States. Last night was absolutely surreal to everyone involved. Why were so many of us wrong about the outcome?

This election was a nightmare for many and a dream come true for others. This morning Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech and thanked all her supporters. She’s gone. Donald Trump is receiving messages from the world leaders and selecting his cabinet. He’s there! My hope is that the age-old traditions of government can carry us into the future as they always have in our presidential transitions. After Trump is inaugurated in January  I expect the Constitution to protect our personal liberties while our new leader shapes his domestic and foreign policies.

So what is really going on? Today is a Wednesday in Scorpio day.  The ruler, Mercury, is also in Scorpio. This double dose of concentrated Mars, shows that there are secrets within secrets regarding this election. At the deepest levels, there are disruptive energies that need expression. The actual reasons why so many Americans are suffering are not being faced. People must get their disappointments and fears off of their chest and admit that their pain gave this oppressor the ultimate power.



Yes, I have to admit that I felt that Hillary would win this election and I said so in my last post.  Hey, almost everyone thought Trump would lose including the pollsters, the media and even Republicans who recognized the motivations and poor character of their candidate.  As I said, Election Day started out in the morning with the Sun in Scorpio, an energy very similar to Hillary’s signature, rising over the nation’s capital. It’s glow gave us all the erroneous impression that it was this was to be her day.

I also mentioned that on Election Day, Mars, the Day Ray, would be moving through the 29th degree from Capricorn to Aquarius. At the time I had no idea that it would have such a powerful effect upon the population.  Many citizens were so desperate for a change that they supported a candidate who was purposely manipulating them.  They also did not understand the protections they would be lose if Trump’s proposals were put in place. This wrong turn, in my opinion, was effected through the democratic process, demonstrating that our government is indeed ruled by the American people and through their collective consciousness.

Following this Election Day I learned a lot about American politics. I’ve also learned even more about Dayology.  The role as a blogger is becoming more comfortable. And I’ve decided to NOT let the identity of a fortune-teller stick to me. I am simply reflecting on the energies of the days of the week and how they may be working in our lives. That’s Dayology.

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