Every Day is Earth Day

We think of our planet as a beautiful blue sphere.

This concept of Earth, The Blue Marble, as it is called, has come to us from a NASA image.  The official Blue Marble photograph was taken on December 7, 1972 and is credited to the Apollo 17 crew composed of Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans and Jack Schmitt. There have been other photos taken of Earth taken before and after The Blue Marble, but for some reason this particular image has captivated our collective imagination for over fifty years.

Wikipedia states that The Blue Marble is one of the most reproduced images in human history. It was released during a period of social activism, and came to represent humanity’s desire to overcome its differences and live together peacefully. The image was also used to represent a number of ecological issues which prompted a new level of global awareness.

Click to view enlarged NEW Blue Marble Photo

Several years ago NASA released a new Blue Marble image taken by a U.S. Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite. The date of this photograph is July 6, 2015 and it is simply amazing. Oddly it has appeared on the scene just as humanity was experiencing the first dire effects of Climate Change, its greatest challenge in modern history. If this new Blue Marble image become a popular symbol for Earth’s well being, could it help to turn things around?

Two DAYOLOGY Messages

[signature 11912]  

The signature of the Blue Marble (1) photograph is #57 THU SAG. Jupiter is the double ruler of Thursday and Sagittarius, so it operates as both the INNER and OUTER rulers of this signature. Here we find one of the most expansive energy configurations possible, but keep in mind, that Jupiter works more as a large-scale social force than personal. Thursday is exceptionally hopeful and generous. Sagittarius is the archer aiming for something just out of reach. Seeing or sensing the possibilities ahead, this sun sign may be overly optimistic concerning the future. In its enthusiasm this explorer can over-reach and act wastefully. The message of the first Blue Marble photograph is “Here we are, standing at the edge of the future, and ready to go. “

[signature 6674]  

 The Dayology signature for the Blue Marble (2) photograph is #16 MON CAN. The Moon is the double ruler of Monday and Cancer, so it operates as both the INNER and OUTER rulers of this signature. Moon energy is equally as powerful as Jupiter but it works at a more intimate level. Monday is adaptable, nourishing and protective. Cancer is symbolically the Mother of us all. It represents the ovum from which we develop. It symbolizes  the nutritive milk that sustains us. It is the lullaby that soothes our discomforts. The Moon represents the positive and negative feelings of life.  Ultimately, it equips us with the qualities of empathy and compassion. The message of the Blue Marble (2) photograph is “Look at this exquisite planet, so full of life. Let us act together in its behalf.” 


We all take the existence of our planet for granted. We also forget the effects of humankind on its ecosystem. We must resist actions that undermine the bio-energetic balance of our planet and support realistic innovations for its care. Actually when it comes down it, our only choices are to solve our critical problems or face the consequences of our careless attitudes. Which will it be?


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