Everything about the 7 Day Week

DATA – Pagans, Magicians and Witches

To the average person these three identities represent people who may be  feared due to the fact that their outlooks and lifestyles are not easily understood.

From a Dayology perspective, pagans, magicians, and witches are to be held in high regard. These folks are natural Dayologists. They honor these tremendous daily forces in their religious ceremonies. They ground the primary DAY RAYS during a time when humanity disrespects itself, its social functions and the planet itself.

As a tribute to pagans, magicians and witches, we offer a list of these spiritual workers from within the Dayology Data Base. Please note the wide range of Sun Signs and Day Rays. This shows that the wiccan community includes individuals with a wide variety of natural, mystical and occult interests.

#03 SUN GEM 6/17/1951 Star Hawk
#04 SUN CAN 7/18/1920 Lady Sheba
#10 SUN CAP 12/27/1959 Gerina Dunwich
#10 SUN CAP 1/19/1964 Gavin Bone
#13 MON ARI 4/5/1954 John Timothy Rothwell
#21 MON SAG 12/1/1952 Judith Anodea
#21 MON SAG 1/30/1942 Oberon Zell-Ravenheart
#22 MON CAP 1/18/1932 Robert Anton Wilson
#22 MON CAP 12/30/1946 Maxine Sanders
#23 MON AQU 1/26/1931 Robert Cochrane
#23 MON AQU 2/8/1954 Phyllis Curott
#24 MON PIS 3/6/1933 Laurie Cabot
#25 TUE ARI 3/25/1913 William G. Gray
#25 TUE ARI 4/16/1946 Margo Adler
#26 TUE TAU 5/21/1946 Gwydion Pendderwen
#27 TUE GEM 6/11/1929 Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki
#30 TUE VIR 9/11/1956 Silver Ravenwolf
#31 TUE LIB 9/29/1931 Paddy Slade
#35 TUE AQU 1/30/1940 Zsuzsanna Budapest
#40 WED CAN 6/28/1916 Stewart Farrar
#40 WED CAN 6/27/1956 Scott Cunningham
#46 WED CAP 1/4/1922 Doreen Valiente
#51 THU GEM 5/27/1948 Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart
#55 THU LIB 10/20/1949 Selena Fox
#63 FRI GEM 5/23/1924 Kenneth Grant
#67 FRI LIB 10/18/1918 Grady McMurtry
#67 FRI LIB 10/14/1927 Patricia Crowther
#76 FRI CAN 6/28/1902 Ross Nichols
#76 SAT CAN 6/24/1950 Dion Fortune
#79 SAT LIB 10/1/1949 Issac Bonewits
#80 SAT SCO 11/1/1952 Ralph Tegtmeier
#81 SAT SAG 12/6/1890 Dion Fortune
#84 SAT PIS 3/6/1954 Kerr Cuhulain

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