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Meet the Press – Part 2

Twelve news-makers have hosted Meet the Press. Learn how their individual energies have contributed to this show’s continuity.

In our previous article Meet The Press -Part  1 we tracked down the beginnings of Meet The Press. We discovered that this Sunday Show actually has a Thursday Scorpio signature. The combination of Sunday and Thursday day rays is a prime factor why Meet the Press has lasted so long. These two distinctive forces provide the powerful backdrop for the leadership of the twelve hosts who have captained this television flagship.

#73 SAT ARI – Chuck Todd is the current host. He entered the picture as the NBC Political Director. He is known for his presentations of data and trends. As a moderator he is definitely aggressive and a bit curt. These qualities are a good match for the ambiguity of the times.

#18 MON VIR – David Gregory took over the show following the sudden death of Tim Russert.  Admittedly this host was personable, but he was criticized for not standing up to the guests. He was unhappy and left after he learned that he had lost the Network support.

#35 TUE AQU – Tom Brokaw oversaw Meet the Press for the 2008 presidential election season. He saw to it that the information was accurate and the discussions were lively. Brokaw earned his sterling reputation as the long-term anchor of NBC Nightly News.

#02 SUN TAU – Tim Russert is the longest serving moderator to date. Not only was Russert a warm personality, he was widely respected for his fairness in confronting elected officials. His meticulous preparation and delivery allowed Meet the Press to dominate the ratings.

#08 SUN SCO – Garrick Utley began his journalistic career as a Vietnam war reporter. He  hosted a number of prime-time news shows, including Meet the Press. He also worked for ABC and CNN, until becoming a professor of broadcasting and journalism.

#07 SUN LIB – Chris Wallace understood Washington DC having acted as an NBC White House correspondent. He served as Meet the Press host for less than two years. Later he was hired by FOX News and moderated a presidential debate in the 2016 general election.

#15 MON GEM – Marvin Kalb hosted Meet the Press for a short time. It appears that he preferred to pursue a journalism career. That was a good choice for him because his books brought him recognitiany number of awards.

#59 THU AQU – Roger Mudd is an award wining journalist. Meet the Press was only one of the noteworthy news shows to which he added his personal expertise. He and Marvin Kalb co-hosted the show for an uneventful year and then went their separate ways.

#76 SAT CAN – Bill Monroe is known best for his ten years at Meet the Press. His personally sedate nature altered the tone of the show. He left after a competing Sunday show, ABC’s This Week with David Brinkley took off some of MTP’s Sunday morning shine.

#15 MON GEM – Lawrence E. Spivak was one of the show’s original producers. His direct style was greatly respected by journalist community and imitated by newscasters of the day. His questions were always challenging and he applied equal scrutiny to all the guests.

#29 TUE LEO – Ned Brooks served as a popular moderator for Meet the Press for about twelve years. He handled many important issues during his term including civil rights, and the Cuban missile crisis. His had previously worked as a newspaper reporter and editor.

#19 MON LIB – Martha Rountree was the original moderator on Meet the Press. From the photos it appears that she was a gracious host.  Rountree sold out her interests to co-producer Lawrence Spivak. It turned out that she was the only female host MTV has ever had.

Those who are familiar with the individual Day Rays and Sun Signs will find that success of each of these Meet the Press hosts rest greatly upon compatibility of their Dayology Signatures with the general Meet the Press show dynamics.  What connections do you see?