Day of the Week Gemstones

It is a long held  tradition to wear gemstones that correspond with our birth dates. These birthstone lists are found all over the  Internet, although they rarely agree on the specific gems.

There is another set of birthstones that is not so well-known, but deserving of our attention. These gems represent the seven days of the week. By wearing the gems corresponding to the day of the week upon which we are born, we link up with our Day Ray energies. They help us to contact our INNER selves and become more aware of these hidden energies. Vedic astrologers have utilized this set of spiritual gemstones for over five thousand years or more. How’s that for a ancient tradition?

Sunday is ruled by the Sun. Vedic astrology recommends the Ruby to experience the solar energies of honor and vitality. Wearing rubies helps offset health problems such as colds, the flue or circulatory ailments. Western astrologers suggest gold colored stones for Sunday, including Yellow Calcite, Citrine and Topaz.

Monday is ruled by the Moon. Vedic astrology advises the Pearl to experience the qualities of nurturance and emotional peace. Wearing pearls reduces tension and improves the atmosphere. Western astrologers recommend a number of white, lilac or aqua stones for Monday including Mother of Pearl, Aquamarine, Moonstone and Selenite.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Vedic astrology assigns Red Coral to sense the martial quality of courage. Wearing Coral helps with blood ailments and inflammations of all sorts. Western astrology recommends red and brownish stones such as Jasper, Carnelian, Apache Tears, Bloodstone and Lodestone for Tuesday.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Vedic astrology chooses the Emerald to stabilize the activity of the mind. It’s use brings relief from frazzled nerves and low physical energy. Western astrology recommend several greenish stones for Wednesday, including Peridot, Green Adventurine, Howite, Chrysocola and Agate.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Vedic astrology assigns the Yellow Sapphire to enhance the Jovian qualities of prosperity and wisdom. Pure yellow appears to clear the mind and open up the spirit. Western astrologers advise clear blue stones such as Blue Apatite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise for Thursday.

Friday is ruled by Venus. Vedic astrology selects the Diamond to access love, beauty and elegance. Venusian individuals are rather pleasure seeking and diamonds bring them down to earth. Western astrology recommends pink and green stones for Friday like Rose Quartz, Pink Calcite, Rhodochrosite and Water-Melon Tourmaline.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn. Vedic astrology recommends the Blue Sapphire to promote discipline regarding profession. It helps the wear to bear up under adversity, especial when traveling. Western astrology suggests violet and black gems for Saturday, including Amethyst, Indocolite, and Iolite.


This information is not to replace the advice of healthcare

professionals, still the beneficial effects of feeling

physically well and whole cannot be discounted.