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Those Affleck Boys

How is it that these two brothers are so alike yet so different? You can bet that Dayology has the answers.

Earlier this year Casey Afflack received an Oscar for his performance in the film Manchester By the Sea. The display of affection between Ben and Casey at the ceremony was real, despite the  media’s attempts to create an impressions of some sort of sibling rivalry occurring between the two brothers.

Actually the brothers recognize their differences and celebrate each other’s success. The general impression of the two is that Casey may be the better actor but Ben is finding greater satisfaction in being a director. There is only a three year difference between the ages of these two brothers, but Ben clearly takes on the older brother persona and Casey comes off as the younger brother.

An article in the Daily Telegraph detailed their similarities, “Since they were kids, the boys have pursued similar interests, shared the same friends, moved cities at the same time and even married — and divorced — simultaneously. …. When their parents divorced, the boys were often greeted with an empty house after school and say they took care of themselves and each other.” This is valuable information helps us to compare and contrast these brothers.

Dayology Analysis




Ben Affleck




Casey Affleck


Ben and Casey Affleck were both born on Tuesday and in the zodiac sign of Leo. Their birthdays give them both the same #29 Dayology signature. The fact that siblings can have the same signatures may be surprising, but Dayology research shows that specific lines of energies often run through families. This interesting appearance of congenital energies can be discussed at another time. Right now it can be stated that having the same INNER and OUTER energies creates a strong bond between individuals especially when also bound by family ties.

Do not assume that the relationship of the Affleck brothers is alway easy. Yes, the Leo OUTER self is warm and generous with friends and family. People born in Leo must find ways to personally express themselves, otherwise they may act up in order to get attention. It appears that whatever envy or jealously these Leo brothers may have experienced, they have found ways to get through it. It may have been their family hardships that brought them together.

With the Mars Day Ray makes them both fighters for what they want and willing to go the distance. Both have enormous supplies of INNER energy upon which they can draw. No doubt they sense this capacity in each other. It’s clear from their successes to date that they have discovered that when they share their desires and follow their intentions, they are quite a team. We will all profit from any future collaborations that these two Leo may attempt.

Let’s take Dayology up another step and examine the state of the Day Ray. Ben’s natal Mars is placed in Leo and Casey’s Mars is found in Taurus. This makes Ben the public celebrity. He is always in and out of the spotlight. Casey is slower in achieving success but once he achieves a goal, he builds upon it. Not being like twins, born on the same exact day, Ben and Casey Affleck obviously have different lives, gifts and challenges. All these issues are found in their natal charts, but Dayology does a great job in summarizing their relationship. 





Dayology attributes the similar natures and incredible closeness between these brothers to the fact that they were both born on Tuesday. tremendous popularity of the  Click TUESDAY to learn about everyone born on this day of the week. Click CALCULATE to discover your own Day Ray.