Everything about the 7 Day Week

LINKS – The Week Ahead

Wouldn’t it be great to know what will happen during the next seven days?  It’s possible with online automated card readings.

Here is how it works. First of all each of these automated card reading site are FREE. And each has a different approach as to lay-outs and tarot card decks. Usually you type in a question, press a button and tarot card images appear on the screen.  In most cases, the meanings of cards are explained.  Sometimes it’s more information than you may need.  Like any other sort of divination,  it is up to you to sense how the messages apply to your life.


ANNIKIN DIVINATION SYSTEMS – My Next Seven Days is a terrific reading. You choose from an offering of 117 different decks and that’s really impressive.

NANCY GAREN – All you do is show up for Your Forecast for the Week. This reading is prepared for you as you enter the site. It knows what your are thinking. This weekly Tarot reading is exceptional.  The only problem is that it always starts on Monday,  so adjust your life accordingly.

EASY-TAROT. NET You pick the cards  and watch out. The interpretations are exceptionally clear and perceptive. Maybe too clear and perceptive!

THE AQUATIC TAROT – Decide upon a question and click The Weekly Forecast box.  You’ll receive a day-by-day look at the next week.

INSTANT TAROT READING – This is not a seven card reading. Instead the  three cards give you an overview of the coming week.  It’s quite thoughtful!


The Wheel of Fortune

It’s the card means that means that anything is possible!