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Wouldn’t it be great to know what will happen during the next seven days?  It’s possible with online automated card readings.  Here is how it works. First these automated card reading services are FREE. Usually you type in a question, press a button and the tarot cards with their meanings appear on the screen. In some cases, you pick out seven cards from the deck for yourself. It just depends …

  • THE AQUATIC TAROT – Decide upon a question and click The Weekly Forecast box.  You’ll receive a day-by-day look at the next week.
  • CALENDAR TAROT – The cards are tiny, but the messages hit the spot. It uses reversed cards so there is some measure of subtlety.
  • CARTOMAN.COM  – Using playing cards, this site shuffles the deck and choose the cards for you. Each day is divided in two parts.
  • EASY-TAROT. NET You pick the cards  and watch out. The interpretations are exceptionally clear and perceptive. Maybe too clear and perceptive!
  • FORTUNE TELLING ONLINE – This simple reading comes across with a lot of information. Some of it is practical, some insightful.
  • HOROSCOPE.COM This weekly Tarot reading is great. It  always starts on Monday, so you may adjust your life accordingly.
  • LIVEPSYCHICS – This online Tarot Card reading lets you plan ahead for each day of the week. It goes into great detail.
  • MAGIZZLE.COM – Tap the deck and you’ll receive a curious display of playing cards. It’s up to you to flesh out the meanings.
  • OMARA – The upcoming week is addressed with direct advice for getting the most of each of the seven days.
  • ONLINE FORTUNE TELLING – Go down the page to the Weekly Card Reading. This oracle uses a very sophisticate deck.
  • SPIRiT NAVIGATOR – Using only the major Arcana cards, this tarot  presentation is exceptionally clean and uncluttered.
  • YOUR WEEKLY TAROT READING – This Marie Claire feature offers one reading for everyone each week. Why just one?

Great information on the Tarot

  • TAROT FOR THE WEEK – This is NOT a reading, but a tutorial for reading the cards for yourself. Very clear and simple!
  • TAROT PROPHET –  Also NOT a reading but useful spreads for weekly planning. Why not use the Tarot for guidance and insight?

These sites are currently out of service

  • ANNIKIN DIVINATION SYSTEMS – My Next Seven Days is a terrific reading. You choose from an offering of 117 different decks.
  • NANCY GAREN – All you do is show up for Your Forecast for the Week. This reading is prepared for you as you enter the site. It knows what your are thinking.
  • – The cards are chosen for you, so if you trust the spirit in the machine, this report is incredibly thorough.

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