Happy First Birthday

This month Dayology.com celebrates being online for one year. During this time we have provided 150 pages of valuable information about the seven day week.

As far as we can see, Dayology.com is absolutely one of kind. There are about a dozen websites that offer information about the nature of people born on the different days of the week. They are all good destinations but none of them present the Day Ray along with the Sun Sign. This approach describes the INNER and OUTER nature of person, relationship or event. Here at Dayology.com we discuss the 84 Day Ray and Sun Sign combinations. They are called signatures and explained on most Dayology.com posts.

#67 FRI LIB      10/21/2016    Dayology.com 

Today we are looking at an event that occurred on the Friday, the 21st day of October in 2016. It is the day when Dayology.com went online. I recall that day vividly. My son was on the phone and prepared to guide me through setting up a Word Press blog. I was so excited (and anxious) at the prospect of finally having a voice on the Internet that I froze up. I simply couldn’t think or follow his instructions. One of my dearest friends had to step in or otherwise this task would never have been completed. We were also assisted by the signature energies of the day.

October 21, 2016  fell on a Friday and in the zodiac sign of Libra. Both Friday and Libra have Venus  as its ruler. The doubling of one energy in a signature is like turning up the volume. It also affects both the INNER and OUTER natures, each in slightly differently way. I had been waiting for this day for a long time. My son was on the phone and prepared to guide me through the process of establishing a Word Press blog. At one point I got so excited (and anxious) that I froze up, and one of my dearest friends had to complete the procedure. Without these supportive relationships, I don’t know how I would have gotten through this first step.

Essentially the matters that are highlighted on a Friday work for beauty, harmony and balance. There is a desire to experience peace and cooperation in this complicated world.  The values of Venus are welcomed by Libra  but also challenged to act in a relevant for the people and affairs involved. The Venus love of truth is asked to satisfy the ‘need’ for fairness and equality in every sort of relationship. Consequently many individuals born with this signature are involved in the arts and music. Just as many find fulfillment in the legal and counseling fields.

It’s pretty easy to see how the #67  signature characterizes the Dayology.com blog. While the focus of this Internet address is a form of astrology, the examples run the gamete of accomplished individuals or important events that are currently capturing mass attention. In each post the emphasis is always placed on being conscious about how our actions not only affect ourselves but the world as well.

What isn’t so easy to see is everything that this signature forces me face. I can assure that I haven’t come close to fainting during this last year, but  I am exploring issues which I never thought concerned me. I am discovering that the whole world affects my consciousness,but still I can only address those issues that I clearly understand. Frankly, while I am and always have been a conscientious person, but I have never before been controversial. And these influences I attribute to the #67 VEN LIB Signature energies of this blog. So now you know what to expect in the future. And thank you going on this journey with me.

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