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How Random are Relationships?

What brings and keeps a couple together?

There is no one way to meet perspective partners. It used to be that our romantic interests were discovered in our communities like school, church or workplace. Outside of traditional cultures that arrange marriages, today people are are pretty much on their own as they choose their sidekicks.

Lately the Internet has taken to introducing available people based on mostly external considerations. Some of these dating services function better than others.  Another trend which is regaining ground is matchmaking. It may be that these advisers have a record of success because they use “the stars” or genetics plus they are generally are familiar with the individuals they match up.

More folks then ever are living together without conventional ties. It’s good to hear that over 50 percent of cohabiting couples do move on to marriage. Still these unions may not work out as well as those who spend some time being formally engaged. The rates of divorce for married cohabiting couples is five times greater than for married non-cohabiting pairs. The higher occurrences of infidelity, greater financial insecurity, and young children of informal arrangements can all take their toll

And happily ever after does not automatically follow the marriage ceremony. According to statistics almost 50 percent of all first marriages in the United States end in separation or divorce. Second and third marriage are even less likely to succeed. The reasons for divorce tend to be serious issues which disrupt the relationship but the couple is not willing to face.  These Irreconcilable differences are the most common grounds for divorce.

Our Dayology studies are showing that people’s behavior reflects their Signatures. Regardless of social conventions people will be who they are, It may take a while before lovers reveal their true colors and even longer to know if they are accepted. Both partners must decide if the dynamics are worth the effort. The relationships of the following celebrity couples have been examined to show how easily it is for Dayology to peg problems. We don’t see relationship as random experiences. They are very specific to us.

The ENERGIES Hold the Key

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a good pair. He was born on Saturday and she entered the world on Tuesday. They have overcome many obstacles and have started a family. She entertains him and he knows all the rules that,as royals,they have to keep.
POWERFUL – Opposites Attract 
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are definitely a low profile couple. Katie’s quickie divorce required that she keeps any romances quiet. She and Jamie are both Sagittarians. They suit one another as they travel here and there.

PROMISING – Two of a Kind

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are going strong. After a tough start, they have really pulled it together. They both have warrior Mars energy in their signatures. Nicole was born on Tuesday (ruled by Mars) and Keith is a Scorpio (also ruled by Mars).
STRONG – High Energy
Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp couldn’t keep it together. They were born on Sunday and each wanted everything their own way. They were attracted by each other’s celebrity but discovered that its hard for one bright star to live with another.
DIFFICULT –  No Compromise  
Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin have a child but are no longer married. He’s spending some time in the slammer for sexting with a minor. Their signatures have no commonality and so they went their separate ways as they pursued their individual interests.
POOR – Little in Common
Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have a very strong relationship even though they aren’t married. After 25 years it’s clear they make their own rules. Having their Sun Signs (Scorpio and Pisces) in water signs their emotional connection is incredibly strong.
SUPER – Deep Feelings



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