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Scully and Molder haven’t changed as characters in season eleven of The X-files. That’s precisely the problem!

The X-Files series was once a strong interest of mine. It’s been a while since these two characters appeared weekly on our television screens?  I don’t know what I was expecting them to be like after almost two decades, but I am somewhat disappointed. Usually meeting up with past friends or lost relatives is a bittersweet matter. We find ourselves wishing that so many years hadn’t past by and we are curious about how these folks have fared while we were apart.

Our first glimpse of Scully and Mulder reveals that as characters they have aged, which is to be expected, but both seemed caught in their old identities in the way that some victims never get past their unfortunate traumas. Perhaps there is a mental illness that develops from the belief that there exists situations for which there are no reasonable explanation or the truth is continually being withheld from you.  The extraordinary appeal of these science fiction characters may rest upon the fact that that most humans today feel alienated and without personal power.

Healthy people and believable characters are complex.  It’s the way we were designed. As we age certain aspects of our nature change as we face life while other essences remain the same no matter what comes along.  These changing aspects and enduring essences are largely beyond our control until we start pursuing our spiritual development. Then we decide which OUTER aspects we want to change and what INNER elements we chose to cherish within our own natures.


Here at we have a terms for these changing aspects and enduring elements. The OUTER SELF reacts to what is outwardly going on.  Often it attempts to affect the world in some manner.  In contrast the INNER SELF is always there, occasionally given a chance to shine and express the inner world of values where it dwells. Since these fictional characters have already been assigned birth dates, what do the Dayology signatures of Scully and Mulder tell us?

Dayology Analysis


[signature 6880]

[signature 6881]


Dana Scully was born on Sunday which makes the Sun the ruler of her INNER SELF. Her zodiac sign is Pisces giving Jupiter (and maybe Neptune) the rulership of her OUTER SELF.  A person with a #12 SUN PIS signature might choose a medical career to better the world. This means that the rational approach that Scully takes toward the X-files is not her true path. She has a big split in her nature. Essentially she is a mystic soul  trying to prove herself in a male world. She was raised in a military family and has made her father her role model.

Fox Mulder was born on Friday which makes Venus the ruler of his INNER SELF. His zodiac sign is Libra giving Venus also the rulership of his OUTER SELF. When the two selves, INNER and OUTER,  of an individual are ruled by the same planet, there is always somthing  intense going on. In Mulder’s case it is the balance of power in relationships that holds him captive to principles. He is genuinely concerned regarding the well-being of his partner Scully, and he is totally committed to the uncovering of the truth about his family’s involvement in an alien invasion of the planet.

Profiling fictional characters is the pleasures of Dayology Research.

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