YOU DECIDE! Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is widely known for his singing and songwriting. Still on the Internet there is some doubt about his actual birthdate. Some sources give Saturday, April 29th as the day he was born. Others say it is Sunday, April 30th. You Decide!

#74 SAT TAU              4/29/1933         Willie Nelson
#02 SUN TAU            4/30/1933          Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson was born during the Great Depression and raised by his grandparents. He wrote his first song at the age of seven and joined his first band at ten. After graduating from high school he joined the Air Force, but was later discharged due to back problems. He attended Baylor University and left after two years to pursue his musical interests. At this point in his life he worked as a singer in honky tonks and a disk jockey at local radio stations. All the while he wrote the many of the songs that we know as country music standards. At the age of forty he signed with Atlantic Records and the rest is history.

In 1990 Nelson’s assets were seized by the IRS for the 32 million dollars that it claimed that he owed in unpaid taxes. By releasing a special album and selling all his assets he managed to clear his debt.  Since then Nelson has attempted every manner of financial ventures appearing in films, acting as a product spokesperson, hosting music programs, running a truck stop and writing two autobiographies. All the while he has been married four times and has seven children.

As a musician Nelson has recorded an extraordinary 350 albums. He has participated in more charitable causes and relief efforts than could be possibly related here. He also has won a huge collection of awards. Unfortunately Nelson has suffered from lung damage from a life of smoking cigarettes and joints. Rumors abound regarding his current poor health. Something  involving coughing and shortness of breath has recently caused him to postpone a number of live shows. Nelson currently owns a ranch in Spicewood  Texas and lives in Maui, Hawaii.

Willie Nelson was probably born on Saturday, but Sunday, was clearly a contender. Nelson is a hard worker and has struggled though financial and health situations both of which are ruled by Saturn.  But the very fact that he has regained his financial footing and recovered from a severe illness, points to regenerative energy of a solar nature. He may have suffered but he survived.

Now which date is Willy Nelson’s true birth day?

Hang on to your seat. Willie Nelson’s daughter, Lana, has stated that “Dad celebrated his birthday on the 29th of April until he was 18 years old and went into the Air Force. He had to finally get a birth certificate and it said he was born on the 30th. Not to argue with the government we celebrated his birthday on the 3oth (for forty years). One day while visiting with his cousin, who was there the night he was born, Mildred said no, he WAS in fact born a few minutes before midnight and Dr. Simms didn’t record the birth until after midnight. As it turns out we have TWO days to shower Dad with love and tell him how much he means to us.” 

Here’s the deal. Willy Nelson is one of those  rare individuals born so close to midnight that their birth dates straddle two different days, very much like the cusp that bridges two different zodiac signs. It may be that both day rays may have equal effect on the life. Two religious traditions (Hindu and Christian) claim that primarily remarkable beings are BORN AT MIDNIGHT, as with Buddha and Christ. Without any religious allusions we can state Willy Nelson’s life proves that he is remarkable in his own right.