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Young Sheldon

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Television’s latest spin-off is actually better than the highly popular comedy which it follows. The treatment of the prime character Sheldon that makes the difference.

We are getting used to spin-offs. Sometimes these attempts to keep an idea, situation or character alive are successful. Often they just don’t work. It’s always a gamble.  Even the producers don’t know if their new production has the right elements to capture and hold public interest. Each spin-off has to be thrown in the water to see if it can stay afloat or goes under. Young Sheldon is doing okay. It has been renewed for a second year.

Young Sheldon is the spin-off of The Big Bang Theory. It takes us back to 1989 revealing the childhood of world famous theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper. Nine-year old Sheldon lives with his ordinary family in East Texas and is struggling to get his needs met. This little boy is discovering the wonderful reality that he is a mathematical prodigy. Like all the gifted children of the world his emotional balance is the issue in question.  The story line shows how interested individuals help Sheldon to have normal experiences while developing his special ability.

The Big Bang Theory is another story altogether. It features Sheldon Cooper, BS. M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D. along with his unusual social circle.  Gradually the strengths and frailties of each character is revealed and made the subject of endless jokes. Actually these  remarks are cheap shots, if you take the human condition seriously.  It is only when these characters realize they have gone too far, that they gasp and apologize for their transgressions. Sheldon appears to be the most obtuse of the group, and even he is learning to be less judgmental.

So there are important differences between these two television shows, but they are related through the character Sheldon.  Interestingly there is a strong relationship between the actors who play Sheldon Cooper in these two shows. A recent CBS interview with Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage show a great deal of respect and admiration between them.  And they both share intense MARS energies with the fictional birthday of the Sheldon Cooper character.

Dayology Analysis

Armitage, Iain square (2)
 #36 TUE PIS
Sheldon Cooper
 Parsons, Jim square (2)  Armitage, Iain square (1)
 #73 SAT ARI         3/24/1973                    Jim Parsons  #28 TUE CAN      7/15/2008                    Iain Armitage

The  Sheldon Cooper character is  a #36 TUE PIS type with Mars ruling his INNER self and Jupiter ruling his OUTER self. Were he a real person, would have acted in a clear yet mystical manner, often being carried away by his sense of the great oneness of the universe.

Jim Parson is a #73 signature with Saturn as his INNER ruler and Mars as his OUTER ruler.  His depiction of Sheldon is a touch darker and more defensive than Sheldon’s actual nature. It lets him portray Sheldon’s attempt to achieve excellence despite his personal quirks.

Iain Armitage is a #28 signature with Mars as his INNER ruler and and the Moon as his OUTER ruler. He expresses the Sheldon character exquisitely having similar energies. The Moon makes his childish depiction a bit softer and more playful than the actual Sheldon might be.

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  1. i love the big bang. A big reason why young sheldon is dumb is the timeline betwern young sheldon and big bang it would make sheldon 58 in the first season of big bang

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