British Royal Weddings

According to official sources Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have broken with the weekday tradition and have chosen to have a Saturday royal wedding.

The precise reasons for this break in royal protocol are not available. While the Queen gladly offered her consent for Harry’s wedding, it is reported that the British government found reasons for not granting a public weekday holiday for this royal occasion. This loving couple is so socially and culturally conscious that they have turned stodgy heads topsy-turvy and inside out. Harry and Meghan have cleverly side stepped the issues and selected a Saturday wedding so that the devoted public can watch their blessed day as it happens on television. But is it true that English royals prefer weekdays for their wedding days?  It’s time to do some research.


Recent Royal Weddings


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Recent history show that the last three important British royal weddings took place on weekdays. Even the “not so royal” wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla was planned to take place on Friday, April  8, 2005 but their civil wedding had to be postponed until the next day in respect to the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Do royal weddings all over the world follow this weekday tradition?  And do royal weddings take place in certain zodiac signs? Would an analysis of royal weddings really matter?   Stay tuned.

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