What About That Jacket?

Melania Trump has sent out a strange signal by wearing a jacket with a cryptic message. To whom was it intended and what did it mean?

This week the U.S. First Lady made a surprise visit to Texas to check out the immigrant children who had been separated from their families. She was seen leaving the White House and returning wearing a cheap green parka. The price or style of this garment is not in question. The first lady can wear whatever she wants. It was the strange message emblazoned upon her back that has upset and dismayed so many. It was totally incongruent.

The press speaks for us all when they ask why Melania Trump would choose to advertise the sentiment “I don’t really care, Do U?” while as attempting to show that she was concerned about families seeking asylum. Except for the truly deranged, most people agree that showing up in this jacket was a bad choice. It raised so many questions. Was she was being forced to execute this official duty? Was it just a cynical  public relations stunt?  Was it a dog whistle for those who would certainly disapprove of her concern? Or was she showing her contempt to the press for continually publishing the truth and making her life so difficult.

Several journalists suggested that her words were actually meant for an audience of one,  specifically the supposed leader of the free world. However, President Trump speedily co-opted the moment and spun the slogan toward the “lying” press. There’s nothing new in this action for Trump. So whatever the scrawled words on her jacket meant, each of us should be exercising our options for expressing our concern for one-another, and especially for all refuges attempting to find safety. That’s our only defense against such unholy public policies.

Dayology Analysis

It is doubtful that Melania checked with an astrologer before she boarded that plane to McAllen, Texas. Had she done so, she would been informed that this particular day expressed an extraordinary amount of power. The Sun was changing signs from Gemini to Cancer. This shift in Sun Sign energies gave the day the capacity to bridge intellectual activity about prominent issues with committed actions of a nurturing manner. The Thursday Cancer signature is general a strong force for good.

The day was also provided as extra jolt in that it happened to be the Summer Solstice and people all around the globe were meditating for human betterment in many forms. Had Melania not taken along that jacket, she could have ridden that heart energy like Joan of Arc for the reunion of refugee families. Citizens of the world were willing to give her break and view her apart from her husband’s nasty politics. In fact some news analysts were giving her a measure of credit for Trump’s latest turnaround. So why did she make such a contradictory statement?

The Thursday dynamic must also be taken into consideration. Important information is difficult to keep secret on this particular day of the week. The nature of Thursday’s ruler Jupiter is to exhibit and expand. On the cusp of Gemini and Cancer It has the capacity to reveal situations of good and evil, simple and complex. The worldwide circulation of this cryptic message provides a glimpse into the dire situation of the First Lady.  Maybe she was making an ironic cry for help, not for the refugees, but for herself.  Does she see herself as a victim in all this, and if so who does she see as the cause of the problem? This is far from being clear.