Everything about the 7 Day Week

Full Moon Observances

People observe the full phase of the Moon around the world. Some practice rituals alone; many are meeting locally; and others are linking up telepathically. This regularly reoccurring lunar event is used for individual development and global transformation.


The Full Moon is the culminating phase of the moon cycle. There are many different beliefs as to how this 28-day cycle effects life-forms.    



The information and images of these online resources were discovered in our Seven Day of the Week research.

GOSTICA – 5 Ways to Use the Energy  of the Full Moon.
It’s best if we remain calm during this high energy day.

PRANIC HEALING – 5 Things to do during the Full Moon.
Healthy ways to use the Moon to improve our lives.

MINDBODYGREEN – Full Moon: Harness The Energy.
These Fung Shui tips help harmonize with the Full Moon

MEET-UPS –  Full Moon Ceremonies.
This site lists Full Moon Meet-up Groups all over the world.

KATELYN EDGAR – My Favorite Full Moon Ritual.
Rituals create ripples throughout our personal universe.

ASHLEY NEESE – Full Moon Crystal Cleanse.
Directions for cleansing crystals of old vibrations.

SOUL ALCHEMY HEALING – Full Moon Release Ritual.
It’s time to purge ourselves of our negative habits.

WORLD TEACHER TRUST – The Work of the Moon.
How to let the Moon work effectively in our lives.

SAGE GODDESS – How to work with Full Moon Energy.
Moon rituals gives us access to our lunar natures.

THE TELEGRAPH – Witchcraft in the Full Moon.
The Avebury Stone Circle hosts this Full Moon event.

CIRCLE SANCTUARY –  Full Moon Rituals.
Moon rituals create simple and natural experiences.

THOUGHT CO – What is an Esbat? 
Esbats are Wiccan ceremonies for Full Moon Magick.

WELL AND GOOD  – Full Moon Suppers.
It’s a cook book with a Full Moon small party philosophy.

BRIT & CO – 15 Full Moon Party Ideas.
Say good-bye to negative vibes. Hello to healthy fun.

THE HAPPLICIOUS WAY – Full Moon Rituals.
Lighthearted, imaginative activities honoring the Moon.

ROBIN AFINOWICH – Full Moon Practices.
Specific activities reduce the “woo-woo ” of a Full Moon.

ELITE DAILY – 8 Poses For the Full Moon.
Yoga safely anchors the Full Moon power in our bodies.

3HO – Antar Naad Mudra for Full Moon
These hand gestures let us absorb and direct energies.

CHEROKEE BILLIE – Mystical Properties of the Full Moon.
An intr to the Native American Full Moon traditions.

IRA LACEY – Full Moon Practices.
The Gayatri Mantra is chanted on the day of the full Moon.

LIGHT NET – F.A.Q.s on Full Moon Group Meditation
Maybe you have some questions about esotericism.

LUCIS TRUST –  Meditation at the Full Moon.
Participate in these 12 spiritual Full Moon festivals.


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