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Red Hot Lovers

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are celebrating their twelfth wedding anniversary. They claim they have found the secret of marital bliss. It’s the heat!

Many marriages cool off as they proceed through the years. More often than not people allow their worldly commitments to gradually diminish their passions. Clearly Kidman and Urban are determined to keep the flame alive while they raise their two children and pursue their separate careers in film and music. And from what we can see they are doing a great job.

Let’s face it, falling in love just happens; staying in love requires effort. On a recent edition of the E! News this Australian pair shared how they maintain the heat in their relationship. Yes, we realize that one sexual playbook cannot suit all couples. The point is to discover what our current partner finds to be exciting and satisfying. Here’s the advice of Nicole and Keith:


1. PDA all day. In this case PDA means Public Displays of Affection, not Personal Digital Assistant.
2. Never Separate for Long. When Nicole and Keith find themselves lonely on film sets or on tour, they fly home to be together for a weekend.
3. Calls not Text.  Nichole swears they have never texted and never will. She thinks it’s way too detached.
4. Serenades and Duets..They turn up the heat being by playful and creative.
5. A Healthy Sex Life. And they communicate their love through their bodies.


Dayology Analysis




Nicole Kidman



Keith Urban


Nicole Kidman was born on a Tuesday and in the zodiac sign of Gemini.The ruler of Tuesday is Mars which creates a very dynamic INNER SELF. Mercury rules Gemini and makes for an OUTER nature with a special gift for communication.  Ordinarily the #27 signature indicates a wide range of gifts. Occasionally it creates an intellectual brilliance or verbal eloquence of the rarest kind.

Keith Urban was born on a Thursday and in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. It’s obvious that his INNER SELF is wide open with wise Jupiter as its ruler. Scorpio colors his OUTER SELF letting  Mars energize his creative process with strong needs for introspection and privacy. The #56 signature creates OUTER situations where things seem bottled-up or mysterious. This means that when Keith chooses to communicate, he has a great deal to offer.

This relationship holds great potential to enjoy life and overcome obstacles. Couples with this much blazing Mars energy will always be on the go. They share intense feelings. that can turn into animosity if not expressed clearly and tenderly. These two can achieve just about anything as long as they are working together.This fiery blending of her Mars INNER Ruler and his Mars OUTER RULER is what makes Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban red hot lovers.