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Truly One of a Kind

John McCain’s noble life has been honored all week long much to the benefit of the nation and the world.

John McCain’s death was not a surprise. He was in his eighties and had been diagnosed with brain cancer. After spending the last year in Arizona, it was announced that he would no longer receive treatments and would let nature take it’s course. He died peacefully the next day in the presence of his family. What followed was actually the fulfillment of the wishes of John McCain. He personally planned a specific set of ceremonies that would reveal the destructive direction that our government is heading and those responsible for setting these actions in motion.

In the words of Esquire writer Charles P. Pierce, “He deliberately made known to people that the president* was not welcome at any of the services. He deliberately chose the previous two presidents to deliver the formal eulogies. He deliberately created that scene in the Capitol rotunda at which Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Mike Pence, an unholy trio of Trumpist quislings, had to choke down their own cowardice and say how much they loved him and his irascibility. He deliberately created a mirror in which, if they still have an ounce of self-awareness, they could see the rot that has set in on their souls.” 

Most of those present at the Tuscon, Arizona memorial, the Capitol rotunda vigil and the services at the Washington National Cathedral held the deepest respect for McCain.  In addition to being a fine family man, he led an exemplary life as a military pilot, prisoner of war, five term U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate. He held strong personal views, but was also known to admit his misgivings and mistakes. He was both critical and forgiving. He was against bigotry,  discrimination and cruelty. It’s fair to say that as an individual he was truly one of a kind.  There was never a “guy” like John McCain before and it unlikely there will ever be again.

Dayology Analysis




John McCain


John McCain was born on Saturday in the sign of Virgo. The #78 signature has Saturn as the ruler of his INNER self and Mercury operates as the ruler of his OUTER SELF. He is one of those rare beings who engaged these two distinct natures into his life so exceptionally.

All of the 84 signatures offer the opportunity for great experiences and exception behavior, but #78 does it in a particularly difficult manner. Any Dayology signature with Saturn as an element requires more than we are ever prepared to give, but gives back in terms of strength. It takes little imagination to see the part that limitation and pain played in his life.

Mercury, as the ruler of Virgo, has the innate ability to see flaws everywhere. It can operate critically or helpfully depending upon motivation. McCain possessed a certain discernment and humility that can only be found in a Virgo Sun Sign. The fact is that he attempted to measure up to the high standards of his own values and tried equally to uplift the lives of others.

It is interesting to note that thousands were born on August 29, 1930. My Dayology Database shows three individuals beside John McCain with this birthday and #78 Signature.  All three reached a level of excellence for which they are recognized. They made their way in their own directions: sports, art and music. These and all the others born on this date are no doubt valuable people in their own circles but perhaps not as publicly as John McCain.

All this brings us to a very important aspect in understanding Dayology. While we are pushed by “the stars” in certain directions, it is the fiber of our characters that allow us to make the most of our signature potential. John McCain, while not perfect as he himself admitted, made excellent use of his INNER gift of strength and OUTER talent of bridging  differences.

John McCain’s life is reminder that the Dayology signatures hold the key to making the best use of our lives. Each of us is essentially a one of a kind being created by spirit and actualized by our own choices. Some signatures are hard, others are soft. Some are public; others private. It helps us understand how we operate as whole, independent and original beings.