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The Three Wives of Trump

Each of Trump’s three wives was born on Sunday. How in God’s world did that happen? It’s true that Donald Trump has married three women who were all born on Sunday. It’s strange, but not that unusual to  repeat certain “patterns” in regard to the different days of the week. We simply aren’t paying attention to the part that the seven day week […]…

The Planetary Weather Report

We consult weather reports as we plan our activities. Why aren’t we listening to the Planet Change warnings regarding our future? In 2006 Al Gore won awards for his environmental documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Ten years later he followed it up with An Inconvenient Truth Then and Now, which was shown and discussed around the world as An Inconvenient Sequal […]…

Time Twin Marriages, Seriously?

Are the Internet stories about romances between people born on the same dates true? Yes, we can presume these reports about time twins to be true especially when they include photos and personal details, as well as testimony from family and friends. Still we tend to doubt these accounts because they seem so unlikely in our minds. We live such […]…

Bette Midler Chided for using N-word

Should demeaning words and expressions ever be used to make a political point? One would think not! Yesterday Bette Midler walked back the comments that she tweeted about women being the “N-word” of the world. She was clearly dealing with the frustration that many in America are experiencing regarding the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment. These folks are angered by the […]…

The Condor and the Eagle

It is predicted that sometime these two birds would fly together in the same sky. To imagine these two great birds soaring above is a beautiful but in-congruent image. After all the Condor and the Eagle come from two different continents. The Condor plays a major role in Andian mythology and is the national symbol of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, […]…