Time Twin Marriages, Seriously?

Are the Internet stories about romances between people born on the same dates true?

Yes, we can presume these reports about time twins to be true especially when they include photos and personal details, as well as testimony from family and friends. Still we tend to doubt these accounts because they seem so unlikely in our minds. We live such superficial and linear lives that we don’t notice all the subtle connections that actually underlie our physical existences.

Actually marrying our time twins is more common than might be thought. In the past when people lived in small villages and tight neighborhoods, busybodies kept track of this sort of information. Today it comes as a surprise when two romantically involved individuals discover they share birthdays. It should be mentioned that many folks view this connection as a sign of true love and of sharing the same destiny.

One of these time twin stories showed up in People on October 5, 2017. It appeared as Couple Born on the Same Day in the Same Hospital Marry 27 Years Later: We Both Knew We Were Right For Each Other. And we can trust this feature because the magazine is an established and trusted source of news. A Google Image search on the couple shows how this report was circulated around the world.

“I knew from the very beginning that he was different – he was
respectful and he made me laugh. He still makes me laugh! No
one else can do that. From the start, we both knew we were
right for each other.” Gomes continues “Very early on, we
found out we have the same birthday. Then we connected
the dots that we were in the same hospital.

The wedding of Jessica Gomes and Aaron Bairos was held in Taunton, Massachusetts on September 8. 2017. Not only are they aware that they share the same birthday, they believe this common element plays a large part of their mutual attraction. And because they also share the same Dayology signature, their compatibility will be strengthened over the years. Their lives will develop along the same directions. We wish them the very best.

The Dayology Analysis

April 28, 1990
Jessica Gomes

April 28, 1990
Aaron Bairos

Jessica Gomes and Aaron Bairos were both born on a Saturday in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Saturn colors their INNER Selves with seriousness and Venus has rulership of their loving OUTER lives. Sharing the #74 SAT TAU Signature they are both rather traditional by nature. Still they appear to be enjoying themselves and their unfolding lives together.

Jessica and Aaron were the only two infants born in the same maternity ward on April 28, 1990. The infants were taken home by their individual parents and they attended rival high schools. It was mutual friends introduced them and they soon started dating. Supposedly the parents of these two lovebirds had a good laugh watching their children’s story unfold. “Our parents thought it was hilarious,” Gomez adds, “and they knew it something special.

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