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Lock Her Up

It’s the political chant hurled at Hilary. Now it’s being tossed at Ivanka. Will it stick? Ivanka Trump defends her use of a private email account as she  took on the duties of Assistant to the President two years ago.  She says that her lapse in protocol cannot be compared to the charges made by against Hilary Clinton’s while holding […]…

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday sales are expanding from one frantic day to one thoroughly crazed week. Black Friday is the name given to the twenty-four hour period following Thanksgiving Day.  Since the early fifties in the USA. this fourth Friday of November was regarded as the beginning of the winter shopping season. Originally the day served as a reminder for shoppers to get […]…

Dayology in our Relationships

There’s some Dayology in all of our associations – friends, co-workers, parents or children. Dayology is the reason why we feel satisfaction with certain people and friction with others. And of course, Dayoloy is right there in the write-ups of sports figures, film stars and royalty. We can watch it prompting folks  to meet, date, marry, raise children, disagree and go […]…

It Doesn’t Have to Be!

Dayology helps to interpret a transformative dream about Climate Change. Usually the posts made to my blog are written as features about various individuals or concepts. They are presented in “zine” voice that provides valuable information and various points of view.  Occasionally my public stance weakens and my messages lapse into the candor of a someone stationed in this planet’s battlefield […]…

Speaking of Dayology

Yes, like any other deep consideration, Dayology has its own terminology. Here's a list of commonly used terms on this blog. .......

Kornacki at the Big Board

The midterms are approaching and Steve Kornacki is there to report the election results. You never know how an U.S. election will turn out these days, but we can be assured of one thing. Steve Kornacki will be stationed at the MSNBC Big Board discussing exit polls and presenting the final totals. We will be informed by all his fast moving […]…