It Doesn’t Have to Be!

Dayology helps to interpret a transformative dream about Climate Change.

Usually the posts made to my blog are written as features about various individuals or concepts. They are presented in “zine” voice that provides valuable information and various points of view.  Occasionally my public stance weakens and my messages lapse into the candor of a someone stationed in this planet’s battlefield of higher consciousness.

This morning I awoke recalling a powerful dream. A baby elephant was being born outdoors during a flood. The swirling waters were filthy. The infant could not survive and died. Looking on I was disturbed and said “It doesn’t have to be like this!” Then I reframed the situation and shifted into muticolored spirals. The elephant was born in a grassland and lived.  

As a vivid dreamer I review my dreams immediately when ever possible and accept them as cryptic messages from the INNER, a deeper part of myself. The important points of this particular dream are clear. I watched something natural take place in a unnatural setting. The result was horrible. I realized that we have choices in what we experience. I changed things, without realizing that I had the ability to do so. I just did it. I moved the energy around and reality changed for me.

Yes, this may be an example of Lucid Dreaming where dreamers become aware that they are dreaming.  I don’t care to split hairs over types of dreams. My desire is to understand the message that appeared in the mailbox of my OUTER consciousness. The amazing feature of this dream was the spontaneous management of the many colored energies which helped me to make the shift. We all have amazing abilities and seven-rayed Dayology is a key for living my purpose.  

Dayology Analysis

[signature 14399]

Shortly after I awoke I had to switch to my OUTER life, So it wasn’t until later in the day that I had the time to recall which Dayology Signature in effect for the day. It was #80 and one of the  most difficult combinations of Dayology energy.  It contains many hindrances and resistances, yet it provides the greatest of all possible transformations. It’s a nugget of hope.

Any person born or event occurring on a Saturday in Scorpio falls into the #80 Signature. It has has Saturn as the INNER Ruler and Mars (or Pluto) as the OUTER Ruler. This twenty-four period of time awakens a wide range of Saturn qualities. Individuals may become rigid and refuse to get involved. They may initially not feel up to the challenge and collapse.

There is quite a lot to achieve if they take advantage of the OUTER Mars and Pluto opportunities available. It does mean that a certain amount of effort or active work is required for changes to occur and transformations to take place. The effects depend upon the nature of the goals involved.  It also depends upon the number of people who might be working together.

My dream took place on a Saturday in Scorpio revealing to me that the situation holds the possibility of great transformation if the challenges are overcome. The baby elephant was the symbol for the myriad of lives that are at risk with the devastation of Climate Change. I was shown that Dayology is a spiritual language between the INNER and OUTER.

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