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Lock Her Up

It’s the political chant hurled at Hilary. Now it’s being tossed at Ivanka. Will it stick?

Ivanka Trump defends her use of a private email account as she  took on the duties of Assistant to the President two years ago.  She says that her lapse in protocol cannot be compared to the charges made by against Hilary Clinton’s while holding the high office of Secretary of State.

All of my emails are stored and preserved. There were no deletions,” Ivanka asserted referring to the emotional charges made by her father at his 2016 presidential campaign rallies.  “There’s no equivalency to what my father’s spoken about.” We will learn the extent to which Ivanka messed up as Republicans and Democrats examine her email practices in January.

“All of my emails that relate to any form of government work which was mainly scheduling and logistics and managing the fact that I have a home life and a work life are all part of the public record. They’re all stored on the White House system so everything has been preserved. Everything has been archived. There just is no equivalency between the two.”

While Hillary served in the Obama’s administration, she used a personal email account linked to her own server. This was a poor decision since she may have unknowingly opened herself to  espionage.  Donald Trump hit her with the title of “Crooked Hillary” because she also deleted thousands of emails that were determined to be personal or unrelated to her work.

Despite the stances taken by the two political parties, the situations of the two woman are similar. Both proceeded illegally claiming they were unaware of the rules. Both have resisted owning up to their actions. Nothing unfortunate has been reported to have occurred because of their  improprieties. And the situation in both cases is being exploited politically.

Dayology Analysis

Hillary Clinton
Ivanka Trump


The Sun Signs of Ivanka Trump and Hilary Clinton are the same. Both women were born in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Astrologically Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Scorpios are always much deeper than they appear. Consequently they are often misunderstood as to their personal motives. They usually insist on a large measure of privacy which only complicates matters.

The Day Rays of these two women are different. Ivanka was born on Friday giving Venus as her INNER ruler. Hilary was born on Sunday making her INNER ruler the Sun. This distinction  gives them different gifts which they can use as they choose.  Likewise if there is any negativity that can be hooked to their Day Ray natures it works differently for each individual.

Ivanka is certainly beautiful but basically decorative. As hard as she may push to be recognized, she is not taken seriously. Her interests to this point have primarily been her family and fashion line. Supposedly Ivanka has taken on women’s issues, and although she may have the ear of her father, the President, she has not effected the lives of women anywhere.

Hilary was born on Sunday making her INNER ruler the Sun. She is smart, ambitious and shrewd.  Regardless of her efforts to be pleasant, there are those who believe she is dangerous. It’s her strategic nature that makes her goals alarming to her adversaries. Actually these qualities made her a great Secretary of State and she might have been a better president than we have now. .