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Forget those Resolutions

Health experts are advising that we use Mondays to set and reset our daily habits. Why go through the same old pattern of announcing our intentions each year to change our personal behavior and then facing the inevitable failure that usually follows? Frankly it’s the rare individual who can just switch habits overnight or achieve substantial goals without support. This is […]…

The Wizard of Oz

Why is viewing this Hollywood film one of our best holiday traditions.? Its simply a wondrous experience to follow the adventures of Dorothy on her way to the Emerald City. Since 1950 this film has been broadcast regularly on network TV, most often  during the winter holiday season. According to the Library of Congress the Wizard of Oz is the […]…

Holiday Candle Burning

All over the world candles play a large part in our winter celebrations. Candles add a special touch to any ceremony or celebration. They remind us that our lives are enhanced by light in every form. Regardless whether we are celebrating Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Winter Solstice or Chinese New Year candles make it bright. Even if we aren’t the […]…

Exploring the Shadow

The word shadow is used in psychological circles to indicate that which we do not see or understand. While some of us, principally Scorpios and Aquarians, are keen to explore the darker side of life, most of us would prefer to keep these dire uncertainties at an arm’s length. Like it or not the shadows are out there and they […]…

You Decide!

Sometimes the birth dates of celebrities are nowhere to be found. Dayologists use the Sun Signs and Day Rays of famous people to gain insights regarding into their character. Accurate birthdates aren’t always available. You’d think that everything published online and in books would be correct but that is not the case. We’ve gathered enough data on groovy celebrities and […]…