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Sometimes the birth dates of celebrities are nowhere to be found.

Dayologists use the Sun Signs and Day Rays of famous people to gain insights regarding into their character. Accurate birthdates aren’t always available. You’d think that everything published online and in books would be correct but that is not the case. We’ve gathered enough data on groovy celebrities and historical figures to state for certain that online biographies are not neat and tidy packages. In fact these accounts are filled with inaccuracies. Celebrities outright lie; numbers are entered improperly. You name it; we’ve dealt with i

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Mysteries Solved


Willy Nelson –  He was born at midnight but on which side? Does his driver’s license say Saturday or Sunday?
Sybil Leek – The true birth date of this famous witch was revealed at her funeral,  Why the deception?
Chris Carter  With such limited information we may only have our intuition to  discover this famous birthdate.
Zena Grey – Here’s an example where only the father can set the record straight. We’ve got Zena’s true birthday now!
Brian Jones – Wikipedia has the answer as to this rocker’s true birthday, and curiously it involves his little sister.


Shirley Jackson – This suspense writer was prevented from divulging any personal details by her husband.


Kim Jong Un – Nobody knows anything about the birth date and early childhood of this dictatorial personality.


Whoopie Goldberg – We know that Whoopie lied about her age to achieve success as a comedian, actor and TV host.