Everything about the 7 Day Week

Holiday Candle Burning

All over the world candles play a large part in our winter celebrations.

Candles add a special touch to any special event. They remind us that our lives are enhanced by light in every form. Regardless whether we are celebrating Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Winter Solstice or Chinese New Year candles make it bright. Even if we aren’t the least bit religious it is entrancing to just watch a candle flicker in the dark.


Candles represent our true nature.
The waxy pillar represents our physical bodies,
The wick depicts our brightly lighted souls.
The fire symbolizes the
flame of life.

Here’s a Dayology ritual for winter celebrations. Gather friends and family in a circle around a table. Set out the appropriate number of candle holders, candles and matches. Let each person light a candle, and add it to the design. Then everyone recites aloud the following invocation together.



My soul burns bright.
It warms my body
where it resides. 

I recognize 
the flame of life
in all beings.