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She Gets Under His Skin

Why is President Trump so bothered by the opinions of Ann Coulter? No other public figure disturbs Donald Trump as the right wing author Ann Coulter. The political relationship of these two is being ridiculed by talk show hosts, radio, television, day and night. Comedian, For example, Seth Meyers asked “Man, why is he so subservient to her?” Meyers was […]…

Thai Colors of the Day

The day of the week practices of the Thai people hold great meaning for them. We are consulting the book, Thai Ways, written by Denis Segaller to learn more about Thai beliefs.  Originally this material appeared as a weekly column in the Bangkok World newspaper which ran continuously from 1975-1985. The book is dedicated to Segaller’s wife, Laddawan, who introduced […]…

Time Lord of Basketball

In a recent news report to the Boston Celtic fans, a number of important issues were introduced. The most critical concern was the health of the players which currently ranges from eye inflammations, strains in the neck or groin and a broken pinkie finger.  Of course, injuries may occur in physically competitive situations sports, but there maybe other causes operating […]…

Out of this World

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Armed with the Gavel

Today Nancy Pelosi showed up at the White House to negotiate the government shut down. It’s not clear this morning as to what the outcome will be, but our new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is adamantly against the proposed wall across our southern national border.  In her acceptance speech she asserted “A wall is an immorality. It’s not […]…