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Time Lord of the Boston Celtics

robert willims boston-celtics reveals how difficult the life of a professional player can be.

In a recent news report to the Boston Celtic fans, a number of important issues were discussed.  The most critical concern was the health of the players which currently ranges from eye inflammations, strains in the neck or groin and a broken pinkie finger.  Of course, injuries may occur in physically competitive situations sports, but maybe other causes operating beneath the surface.  We found a clue  when Robert Williams mentioned that among his problems is that he has lost track of the days of the week. It is interesting in that his nickname is Time Lord.

William recalled that the biggest difference between playing in the NCAA and the NBA is that he often forgets what day of the week it is. This make sense that while playing in college, he still attended classes and might have had a social life. Both sets of activity might have given some sort of rhyme or rhythm to his daily life. As a professional player he is often out on the road and performs to a grueling schedule.  “This might sound funny, but I literally don’t know the days of the week,” says Williams. “Like, I promise, I couldn’t tell you what today is.

Ryan Hebert, a Celtics Twitter personality, takes the credit for the Time Lord nickname. As Williams was being selected by the Celtics he accidentally slept through an introductory call with the press and missed his flight to Boston. Hebert helped develop the idea that the rookie was not late, but simply “operating on a different timeline concurrent to the one we are in. … Like some sort of basketball-playing “Doctor Who” character.” Fortunately Williams performs well enough in limited action that everyone is optimistic about his NBA future

Dayology Analysis

robert williams

Robert Williams

Robert Williams was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Libra making his signature #67 . Since both Friday and Libra are both ruled by Venus, it becomes the ruler of both his INNER and OUTER Selves.  People with a double ruler generally see things in their own particular manner and don’t really want to conform to the external rules of others.  They will go along with the expected behavior if it is pleasant, but otherwise they tend to suit themselves.

Both Friday and Libra promote working for peace and betterment. They are natural cooperators. We see this quality in the behavior of Williams supporting his team members. “I just try to get as involved with these guys as I can when I’m not playing…. So I’m there smiling, happy even if I’m not out there with them, I feel like I’m producing in some way.” Venus people want to be liked and they don’t make waves unless keeping the peace creates actual harm.

Williams is an interesting Dayology example, because his physical body craves the care it needs during periods of intense stress. He is also very conscious that he missed the natural day of the week rhythms and wasn’t finding time for them in his sport.  In addition to referring to him as a some sort of space being, we should acknowledge Robert Williams as a highly aware individual who just happens to to be pursuing the path of a professional sports figure.

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