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Playing Cat and Mouse

What’s the real deal between Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump? Rarely does a weekday night go by when Steven Colbert does not comment on the antisocial and likely criminal behavior of the current U. S, President. Colbert’s observations of Donald Trump are enjoyed by millions on The Late Show and then repeated as spots throughout the following day on cable […]…

A Lifetime of Love

Here’s a pair of time twins who shared their lives for 75 years. This remarkable account was first published in 2016 in the Long Beach Press Telegram, then again on the TODAY news site and finally in PEOPLE magazine. Although the story spread quickly throughout the twisted corridors of the Internet due to its strange coincidences, it deserves to be examined within the context […]…

Yes, It’s Complicated!

The next Mars rover is named after a female scientist, but why? The Rosalind Franklin rover is an essential part of the ExoMars mission to the red Planet.  In July 2021 this motorized vehicle will be set loose on the surface of Mars. It will be equipped with a powerful drill, advanced radar system and an organic molecule analyzer. This mission is critically […]…

When is Blackface O.K.?

If this racist practice was ever acceptable, it certainly isn’t today. It has come to light that a yearbook of a certain U.S. Governor contains a highly controversial photo. The individual is Democrat Ralph Northam who was sworn into office in January 2018. The photo is of two unknown individuals, one in Blackface and the other dressed as a member […]…