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What’s the real deal between Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump?

Rarely does a weekday night go by when Steven Colbert does not comment on the antisocial and likely criminal behavior of the current U. S, President. Colbert’s observations of Donald Trump are enjoyed by millions on The Late Show and then repeated as spots throughout the following day on cable news. The “funny thing” is that no matter what Colbert says about Trump, he has only received the mildest retorts from Trumps arsenal of childish insults.

Back in 2017 Donald Trump called Colbert a “no-talent guy” who says “nothing funny.” The Late Show according to Trump was on the verge of being canceled until Colbert hit on the idea of adding a stream of malicious attacks on POTUS. Trump asserted that his personal appearance on The Late Show also helped the show to top the charts. Not only was Trump highly satisfied with  his performance, some critics stated that the president had gotten every single question right. Sly Trump had beaten clever  Colbert at his own game.

The backstory to Trump’s Late Show interview was revealed in a recent Rolling Stone feature. How to treat this particular “president” was the challenge. A strategy was created which would not incur lethal wounds to Trump.  “Make fun of him, question some of the things he’s promised, imply that he might be insane.” Colbert added, “So I’m very happy with what we did. I’m not sure if I’d ever want another bite of that apple, though. Talk about sipping poison. Because I’m not sure if there’s any way for you to bite that apple and not get his disease.


Stephen Colbert
Donald Trump

What insights can Dayology bring to this situation? Stephen Colbert was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Taurus giving him a #38 Dayology signature.  Donald Trump was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Gemini giving him the #63 FRI GEM Dayology signature.

As far as Dayology goes these two public figures have a special relationship’ It is called a crossed aspect. The ruler of Donald Trump’s INNER self (Venus) is also the ruler of Colbert’s OUTER Self. And likewise, the ruler of Stephen Colbert’s INNER self (Mercury) is the ruler of Trump’s OUTER Self. All this is determined by traditional astrological rulerships.

Trump and Colbert may not acknowledge it but they are made of the same stuff. Their lives revolve around Venus (sensation) and Mercury (perception) issues. The difference is that these two energies are arranged differently in their two individual lives and therefore operate differently. They cannot help but notice each other; they have the capacity to use one-another: and they both ignore the intrinsic value of their relationship.

Trump is highly dismissive due to his OUTER Gemini superficiality and his INNER Friday desire for approval despite his continual mishaps and verbal carelessness.  Colbert is harshly judgmental due to his OUTER Taurean need for firmness combined with his amazing INNER Mercury ability to spot the monkey. Like most of us these two aren’t recognizing the value of the difficult people in our lives. They teach us important lessons.