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He was Born on a Friday


What does your “day” of birth tell about you?

Back in 2012 thousands of Burmese citizens lined the streets to welcome American president, Barack Obama, to their country. He was there to extend a hand of friendship to Thein Sein, the new president and show support for opposition leader Ang San Suu Kyi who was confined to house arrest. It was a touchy situation in a world where political repression is a horrific fact of life. Obama pulled off his visit sucessfully as he has managed to do many times. He had Hillary Clinton at his side who by by contrast was known for taking hard stands in policy. They were a good team.

As a sideline of their Asia trip Obama and several cabinet members including Clinton, visited the Shwe Dagon pagoda, the most sacred Buddhist temple in Rangoon. There they were offered the opportunity to participate in a traditional ceremony where blessings or wishes are requested from one of Seven Days of the Week Buddhas. From the photographs taken of the event we can tell that Obama was born on Friday. How do we know?  It’s the little golden guinea pig that gives his birth day away.

President Obama performs ritual in Myanmar temple.

President Obama performs ritual in Myanmar temple.

According to Go Myanmar Tours people born on the seven days of the week have different natures. Those born on Friday resemble the guinea pig. They are loving, kind, sympathetic and sensitive. They have tons of fabulous ideas but might tend go in various directions at once. They are natural creative and become bored easily. On the other hand Hilary Clinton was born on Sunday which makes her an Eagle. Acting in a gracious and generous manner. she is a challenge-taker and the tougher the obstacle the more motivated she becomes. There does appear to be a difference in the qualities of the two types and they do suggest the basic characters of Obama and Clinton. What do you think?


The Burmese Days of the Week

Monday – Moon – Tiger
Tuesday – Mars – Lion
Wednesday AM – Mercury – Tusked Elephant
Wednesday PM – Moon – Tuskless Elephant
Thursday – Jupiter – Rat
Friday – Venus – Guinea Pig
Saturn – Saturday – Dragon / Snake
Sunday – Sun – Garuda / Eagle

Myanmar Zodiac compliments of Go Myanmar Tours.

Image by Go Myanmar Tours.


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