Everything about the 7 Day Week

Great Expectations


We’ve waited patiently to discover if the Russian government played a role in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Two years ago a Special Counsel investigation was began to determine possible  connections between Donald’s Trump’s campaign and Russia. This inquiry was assigned to Robert Mueller and began on May 17, 2017.  The final report was submitted to Attorney General William Barr on March 22, 2019.  We are waiting to see the conclusions of this report, but it’s contents will not go directly to the people. In fact many Congressional figures are demanding that this document is available to all.

So while we wait our minds wonder as to what all this means.  To some of us it offers a chance to exonerate the president from the serious charges of collusion and obstruction. For others this investigation may have unearthed information which can be used to convict him. The legal aspects of this matter are so challenging that the political pundits are spending their weekends on cable TV hopefully discussing how democracy can survive these instances of crime and corruption. So we turn to Dayology to get a different point of view.  There is a definite story here, although it has only gotten started. We don’t yet know the conclusion.





The Report Authorized



The Report Released


May 17, 2017 was the date that the Special Report was authorized. It fell on a Wednesday in Taurus making Mercury the INNER Ruler and Venus the OUTER Ruler. First impressions tell us that this report would be a solid and orderly effort to to gather facts. Taurus rolls along slowly and takes its time. Some of the materials it is covering has already resulted in the conviction of a significant number of Trump associates. There every reason to expect this document to be helpful in straightening things out.

March 22, 2019 was the official release date for the Special Report. Occurring on a Friday in Aries Venus becomes the INNER ruler of this event and Mars operates the OUTER Ruler. Venus energies are present in the two dates, moving from the place of OUTER ruler in the first to INNER ruler in the second. Consequently the tone of the report is civil and constructive, while it may contain transgressions that require attention. The Aries Mars energy pushes us to pay attention however the attention span of Mars is likely to be short lived.

UPDATE – The report turned out to be large but it didn’t function as was expected.  There was a flurry of excitement but it didn’t directly present the elements for impeachment.