The Dayology Database

What is this mysterious body of knowledge?

Every so often the Dayology Database is mentioned on this blog as the source of a particular piece information or the basis of certain conclusions. So we think it is important to present this source of information that we have developed and use so often.

The Dayology Database is a collection of facts pertaining to famous and remarkable individuals. It includes the very expected classifications of NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, LOCATION and SEXUAL ORIENTATION. We’ve added other two columns, FIELD and ROLE, which help us to understand how these individuals fit into the OUTER world. And lately  fwe spend a lot of time studying the Dayology classification of SIGNATURE, which includes the SUN SIGN and DAY RAY each individual within this database.

At this time FileMaker is the software handling our research. It is currently doing a a great job organizing the ninety-four thousand entries in our Maser File which goes by the name “The Workhorse.” No doubt the size of the database will be doubled or tripled before it is all over. We are adding dozens of names and dates every week.

Every statement about the Dayology Typology system has come from the study of the Dayology Database listings. Any theories that we have published rest upon connections we have discovered there. There are many practical and metaphysical possibilities being considered but not yet been proven. Still we believe that if INNER/OUTER spirituality is to be tracked in people’s lives, this is the system to do the job.

This collection of facts is over 15 years old. It was begun to check out the occurrence of individuals in various occupations based upon their Day Rays and Sun Signs. We found a tendency for people of certain Sun Signs and rulerships to be attracted to certain fields as long as we remained general in our examination. We had very poor results if we searched for people who act as  music DJs at clubs. We had better outcomes with categories like MUSIC, COMEDY or EDUCATION.

This pursuit has moved on to other examinations. It is clear to us that a lack of opportunity for much of humanity is limiting its ability to fully actualize its overall potential. If each of us was able to follow our dreams we would clearly be living in another set of circumstances.  We think it would help people to know their strengths or interests.

What questions would you ask about humanity if you had access to the data of nearly 100,000 accomplished and famous people?