Being Human on this Planet

One of our most enlightening experiences occurs when we realize that we can get along with others without holding the same beliefs or having the same habits. It is exactly at this moment that we switch gears, so to speak, from being stuck in the limited perceptions of the OUTER SELF and finding ourselves in the unlimited awareness of the INNER SELF.

The terms OUTER and INNER are two terms used specifically by Dayology to describe our personal experiences. OUTER experiences involves everything in our everyday physical world. This includes man-made objects and natural beings, many of which are readily identified and others which remain mysterious. Our physical bodies belong to the OUTER world, inside and out.  The OUTER world is the safe-house of the OUTER self.

In contrast INNER experiences are more subtle, but they also have forms. Most INNER structures are not visible or audible to us at this point in our development, but any experiences that cannot be labeled as OUTER can be presumed to be INNER. What we know about the INNER world is actually limited and any accounts hardly does this realm justice. Spirit, Soul, Devas, Angels and The Creator are identified presences in the INNER dimensions.

The human organism is unique in as much as it was designed to operate in both worlds. At first it works in a random way; then in an alternating fashion, and finally in a simultaneous manner. Becoming a dual citizen of both worlds is a natural human outcome but it doesn’t happen automatically. it takes effort to sort out one’s own life.

Being Truly Human

According to esoteric sources humanity is midstream in the process of turning away from the OUTER forms of personal survival and switching on the INNER mode of common thriving.

Today among all kinds of groups there is a focus on getting others to understand their point of view. They feel that they are not being respected and given their full share. To a certain extent this activity is needed until life is made OUTWARDLY fair to all dwelling on this planet. To be born on Earth should mean to be cared for and to care for others. These INNER objectives must be attained or OUTER gains will be lost.  Hopefully humanity is too smart and connected to allow a destructive segment of society to physically destroy our planetary life.

Dayology uses the Day Ray to represent our INNER Self. Our OUTER Self is indicated by the Sun Sign. Together the seven Day Rays  and twelve Sun Signs create eight-four Dayology types. That’s enough variety for just about any situation. And it appears that the two  Dayology categories of INNER and OUTER are being recognized by our research into our everyday experiences and relationships.