Everything about the 7 Day Week

What’s the Attraction?

According to every popular news outlet Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are married. Back in 2017 Rachel was unmarried and looking for love. She tried out as a contestant for the Bachelor and became one the many attractive women who vied for the love of Nick Viall. She placed third, but it was announced very shortly that Lindsay would be the next Bachelorette.

When her time came around it was announced to be the most “diverse cast in the Bachelor franchise history. Presumably that means contestants of various backgrounds, heights and widths. Who knows! In the end Lindsay chose Bryan Absolo. They became engaged and moved to Miami where Absolos is a doctor of chiropractic medicine. Lindsay is shortly to co-star in a new MTV series.

It could be said that this relationship was absolutely predictable as these Bachelor and Bachelorette shows go. Actually Lindsey has taken pains to set the record straight. The two of them could have contracted for a television wedding for all the world to see, but they created something of their own. They chose a simple ceremony in Cancun Mexico.

Initially, I wanted a TV wedding. I 100 percent did,” Lindsay admitted. “Then, as we got to know each other in the real world and things became normalized, and then I started hearing horror stories about these TV weddings, I am very thankful that we don’t have one and that we’re doing it on our own.” Speaking for the two of them “We don’t need TV. We don’t need to get paid. We’re doing this because this is what we want to do.”


 Dayology Analysis

Rachel Lindsay
Bryan Abasolo

Lindsay was born on a Sunday in the zodiac sign of Taurus. The Sun is her INNER RULER and and Venus is her OUTER RULER.  These two energies create a confident and strong-minded individual. She wants her life to be one of comfort and beauty and love.

Abasolo was born on Friday in the zodiac sign of Aquarius.  Venus is his INNER RULER and Saturn or Uranus is his OUTER RULER. He is an unconventional guy who thinks for himself and is quite equipped to show his feelings if and when he cares to.

On the whole these two lovers only have one problem. Their Sun Signs, Taurus and Aquarius, are astrologically fixed. If they don’t agree, they can be pulled apart. Neither wants to back down. But if they agree, they are inseparable. So it just depends ….

Another thing they have going for them is Venus. He has Venus as his INNER RULER and Venus works as her OUTER RULER. This is a wonderful connection. She is more than willing to do what is needed OUTWARDLY for their love and he looks out for them.INWARDLY. It doesn’t really matter how or where they met. This is the real attraction.