Everything about the 7 Day Week

The Seven Pointed Star

Geometry recognizes the seven pointed star as the Septagram or Heptagram. This fascinating shape is called the Faery Star or Elven Star by the Pagans, Wiccans, and other spiritually oriented individuals. As a symbol the seven pointed star is commonly worn as a personal amulet and utilized in rituals.


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In Dayology the seven points of this star
 represent the seven days of the week
 and the day of the week rulers.



The information and images of these online resources
have contributed to our Seven Day Week research.



Here’s a 2018 crop circle with a seven pointed star design. It is a mystery as to how these formations come about. Still these “designs” are impressive.

THE DRUID’S EGGThe 7-Pointed Star

There’s more to this symbol than meets the eye. Each of the seven points represents an attribute of a druid. The dragon is a symbol of the essential unity of all.

EASTERN CHEROKEE – The Cherokee Clan

The Cherokee are organized into seven clans. These groups are headed by women because they are the “givers” of life. The number “seven” is sacred to them.

GOOGLE IMAGES Faery Star Tattoos  –

Considering a tat? Give a Fairy or Elven Star some thought! The heptagram design is not only exquisitely beautiful, its power resonates at an extremely high frequency.


Here’s a whole booklet dedicated to this enigmatic glyph. The presentation is the result of long study and dedicated practice. It should be read by all.

EBAYSeven Pointed Star

So many Heptagram items. Mostly jewelry and crystals, but also things you would never expect. Keep in mind that new items are added daily, so if you like it, snap it up.

ETSYSeven Pointed Star 

A treasure trove of hand crafted jewelry and ritual items.  Silver, Wood, Gemstones, Leather and Stone.  Etsy is a direct link to the artisans and their current creations.

HORUS MEDIAThe Secret Seven Pointed Star

The Vitriol star is another name for the seven pointed star. When it is used in alchemy, it relates the seven planets to the energies within the human body.

LLEWELLYN – The Septagram

A solid presentation of the qualities of this sacred symbol.  The author, Emily Carding, connects the Septagram with perfection of God and the seven days of creation.

OTHERKIN –  Invocation of the Seven Pointed Star 

The author, Michelle Belanger, creates sacred rituals by contacting specific energies. They inform her as to the appropriate elements, colors, and concepts to use.

PIN-IT – Seven Pointed Star

A collection of star configurations – five pointed, six pointed, but most seven pointed. It’s enlightening to see how popular the star configuration is today.


The primary role of the Egyptian divinity, Seshat, was to measure sacred space. She was depicted with a “cord” in her hands and a seven sided figure above her head.

WIKIPEDIA – Heptagram 

Throughout  time this geometric figure is found representing ideas, faiths and associations. You’ll see them on coins, badges, flags and coat of arms.


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