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Our North Star

This week Elijah Cummings became the first African American and African American lawmaker to lie in state in the US Capitol. According to Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, it took a bipartisan agreement for Elijah to lie in repose on the same catafalque as Abraham Lincoln at his death.

Cummings is said to have acted as the “Lion” of the House of Representatives. When he roared he was heard by all. He  raised his voice at one social injustice after another. And he was not only a leader, he was also a mentor. Last year when the House committees were being reformed, Cummings said, “Give me as many freshmen as you can. I love their potential and I want to help them realize it.”

One of common remarks about Cummings has been that he served as the “The North Star.” for many other legislators. . Symbolically The North Star or Polaris is the “anchor of the northern sky” According to the newspaper of the same name  this star represented freedom to the African Americans using the Underground Railroad.  Clearly Elijah Cummings served as a moral compass for many on Capitol Hill.




Hundreds lined up Saturday as early as 4 a.m for Cummings funeral at New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore. At 9:30 it was announced that the church had reached capacity. The 4,000 seats were quickly filled. In attendance were two previous U.S. presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, who provided tributes to the character of Cummings during this ceremony.


Dayology Analysis




Elijah Cummings


Elijah Cummings was born on a Thursday and in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Jupiter is his INNER RULER and Saturn is his OUTER RULER. The combination of these two planetary energies give him the #58 THU CAP Dayology signature.

Individuals with the #58 Dayology signature are often found in executive or administrator positions because they understand the grand scope of global commerce or government. They are also quite comprehensive and determined when they work in the entertainment fields or the arts.

The two rulers, Jupiter represents expansion and Saturn represents contraction. Those born under these two influences can handle themselves in the world. In a nutshell they attempt to find a balance between generosity and severity. They possess  good judgement regarding responsibility to those around them. It is usually clear as to where these individuals stand.