The Kind of Person I Am

One of the individuals who has commendably studied Dayology for some time, but perhaps not deeply enough, was troubled by being unable to hide the tormenting distortions of his OUTER Self. Although he was generally a gracious person, he exhibited a cruel streak when things didn’t go his way. Fortunately for everyone this fellow is scheduled for some new insights as he crosses into to the Twilight Zone.

After having this flaw pointed out to him, our colleague lashed out in yet another fit of anger “What difference does it make, what kind of person I am when it comes to Dayology. All that matters is that I get the message across.” As you may recall it was the format of the Twilight Zone to play that annoying TV theme whenever a conflict of between two belief systems took place. How could a Dayologist-in-Training be unaware that the emotional state of the OUTER Self affects the spiritual expression of the INNER Self.

Let’s forget sci-fi, metaphysics or astrology and deal with down-to-earth physics. Everyone knows that the pressure of our water supply is decreased by the intrusion of tree roots in our water pipes. And we have learned the hard way that toxic lead pipes will poison our household water. It is a common understanding that the condition of any vehicle, carrier or conveyance must be as open, pure and intact as possible to prevent pollution. Why would presenting a range of spiritual energies be any different?

Following the Twilight Zone theme, Rod Sterling, appears and inquires “How much does the behavior or attitude of a messenger affect the reception of a message?” He points out the emphasis today on the packaging of ideas, products, and services. He ponders why we don’t question the incongruity between how we desire things to appear and what they may actually be. He suggests our self-delusion might be the outcome of too much fake it til you make it” behavior.

Let’s hope that time passes that Dayology itself lives up to what it purports to be. As a typology system Dayology claims that we have two selves. The OUTER Self rules in the OUTER world and the INNER Self dwells in the spiritual realms. Generally The Two Selves exist separately in a rather limited state. The optimal situation is for the OUTER Self to express the interests and concerns of the INNER Self. This Spiritual Transmutation occurs with the conscious cooperation of dedicated individuals and their INNER source.

The wisdom tradition has always pointed out that personal flaws act as impediments to the expression of our spiritual nature. Dayology, as a new healing modality, can be very informative as to my own Day Ray and Sun Sign energies, but it can’t tell me how I am going to use them. It can’t discern if I will learn valuable lessons or create terrible messes. As an accountable individual it is my role to discover the kind of person I am and act accordingly.

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