Bibliomancy has the Answer

Bibliomancy is divination by the book. All we do is close our eyes, open a book, point to passage, open our eyes, and read the message. Sometimes the communication is perfectly clear. Other times some reflection is necessary to see the connection between message and our situation.

How easy is that? People have been picking passages with their eyes closed for probably as long as books have existed. It’s funny but when I first encountered this form of divination I was actually quite surprised. I guess I thought that books were for only reading and becoming well informed, Of course, they have been our primary form of recording facts and truths. I didn’t realize that books could be one of the physical means by which our INNER selves can communicate with us.

Many practitioners of Bibiomancy use the Bible as their reference. That’s fine but it isn’t necessary. Biblio, just means book, not Bible. Tradition has it that the most sacred books have always been used for bibliomancy because they offer the deepest wisdom. It make sense to use the scriptures of the world faiths in which we were raised. However, any book that provides us with insights about life can be used. Our INNER selves often use the OUTER resources we already understand to face new challenges. Viewing things from another vantage point or through another belief system can be useful too.

But does it work? Yes, You have my word. Bibiomancy has always come through for me. But I am a thoughtful person who takes things to heart. I usually give people and things the benefit. If I were highly skeptical I might not see the connections between with my present situation and the words that are highlighted. For my own clarity I’ve added two extra steps to the procedure. Between closing my eyes and pointing my finger, I center my thoughts and make my question as simple as possible. I like to think that the source of my divinations likes it when I keep things direct and clear.

“A major cause for failure on the enlightenment path
is that a devotee falsely assumes himself to be completely
illumined before he is. Because of being able to experience
transcendent states he may assume there is nothing
more to be attained, unaware of the need for further
inner purification.” ~ Life Surrendered in God

The book that most often I use for bibliomancy is Life Surrendered in God by Roy Eugene Davis. It may not be for right for everyone, but it works for me. It is a presentation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali from the Paramahansa Yogananda spiritual tradition. It was not possible for me to join a holy order or devote my life to enlightenment in this lifetime, but yoga philosophy holds great appeal to me. I often “ask for guidance” as to adjustments I can make regarding getting along with others. The author, Roy Eugene Davis passed away last year so I am sorry to say that the price for this book is currently quite high. Google Books offers a copy of Life Surrendered in God than you can peruse.