REVIEW – 2025 and The World Teacher

2025 and The World Teacher is a slim publication of 75 pages. Right now it is being passed around among people who are genuinely concerned about our future. This book claims that humanity is currently undergoing an evaluation by the spiritual hierarchy of our planet. Actually every hundred years since 1425 the overall human condition is judged as to its progress. These annual conclaves are attended by the great spiritual beings who oversee our planet. One of these personages, the World Teacher, has undergone many physical embodiments and expects to appear when his presence will be welcomed by a certain percentage of humankind.

“Does it take “millions” to change the world? Actually it doesn’t. Individuals have changed the world on many levels, let alone the great Avatars (World Teachers) who have been sent to aid and guide us. Individuals can change the world and groups working in synthesis, can change the current dire potentiality of the world spinning into disaster. ~ D K

This book is composed from quotes from the Alice A. Baily books, and it is helpful to have them all in one place. The content is presented in a terse and matter of fact style even while presenting even incomprehensibly cosmic matters, possibly to not inject the author’s own interpretations and probably to reduce misunderstandings. It relates the various positive advancements that humanity has pulled off throughout recorded history plus descriptions of the jumps in consciousness that must be made to truly fulfill humankind’s potential.

The challenge for 2025 and the World Teacher is if we can accept it’s premise. Is there really a purpose for this planet and all the life upon it. Could there be intelligences who look out for our welfare while allowing us to make poor decisions and learn difficult lessons? Might these great beings exist out of sight for thousands of years except when they choose to make special appearances? And is this spiritual government leading us to take responsibility for our action and inaction? None of these matters are so improbable that they couldn’t possibly be true.

Will there be a 2025 judgement with consequences to follow? Can humankind come to terms with a planetary ecological crisis, a world wide pandemic and unreasonable inequalities at the same time? Can we accept that humans are not the brightest bulbs in the universe and that to survive we must “shine” together? Hopefully so! At a time when we are free to believe in pizza parlor baby-eaters why can’t the concept of a World Teacher be given some consideration?

The author of this book, Steven Chernikeeff, was born in London and now resides in Asia. Back in the eighties and nineties he was a participant in a fascinating experiment called “Groups of Twelves” which is described in another of his books, Esoteric Apprentice. The first 44 pages of this compact book is available on Google Books as an introduction to his work. As you’ll quickly see Chernikeeff’s memoir is remarkably humble while relating extraordinary experiences.

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