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Pasta on Wednesday

There’s an old New England tradition of serving pasta for Wednesday supper. In fact there’s a story of how it got started. In 1912 a small company was started on Prince Street in Boston’s North End. 100 years later Prince is part of Riviana Foods Inc. and still producing a huge line of pasta products all inline with today’s tastes. Along the way […]…

Being Human on this Planet

One of our most enlightening experiences occurs when we realize that we can get along with others without holding the same beliefs or having the same habits. It is exactly at this moment that we switch gears, so to speak, from being stuck in the limited perceptions of the OUTER SELF and finding ourselves in the unlimited awareness of the […]…

The Healthiest Day of the Week

Back in 2014 an interesting study was published in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine and appeared online in Science Direct. A group of doctors examined the Google search queries during a specific period for messages that indicated an interest in personal health. Their study The Healthiest Day reported they had found an heightened interest in personal health concerns on Monday and […]…

Ancient Aliens

It’s more than a popular TV series. Despite the efforts to debunk the alien visitation concept by skeptics the Ancient Aliens series remains an popular way to think consider the earth being visited by aliens. While my personal belief system is open to endless possibilities and all manner of spiritual hierarchies, I have often felt that this television series could […]…

The First 2020 Debate

With nearly two dozen candidates, how will it work? The first set of Democratic primary debates is scheduled for June 26 and 27. It will be televised by NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo, The candidates will be chosen randomly to present themselves on one or the other nights. There are many ways to consider the candidates and their platforms. We are using […]…

Part of the Solution

Leonard DiCaprio will not give up on humanity. All week long DiCaprio’s new documentary, Ice on Fire, has been viewed on HBO. Many reviewers were  apparently pleasantly surprised to hear that climate change can be halted or even reversed. DiCaprio profiles a number of creative technologies being developed right now. So we know that carbon capture is possible. The dilemma is […]…

Two of a Kind

Ellen Page and  Emma Portner are in it for life. This pair of incredibly talented individuals took the plunge and right now they are figuring out who they are in their relationship. Some aspects of our personalities change when we marry; others do not. We have a choice about some of these changes. Other shifts just happen and Dayology can […]…

Tuesday is the Day

Why do bookstore hold back new titles until Tuesday? It’s called the Tuesday release day. It’s an industry standard to get the books they are really pushing out on the shelves on the second day of the week. And it is a question that is repeatedly asked on the Internet. By the way movies, CD’s, and DVD’s  movies are promoted […]…

The Real Rocket Man

Elton John discloses that his biopic was difficult to watch. The Rocket Man film is on its way to the U.S.A. Every effort has been made to capture the times, the music and the musician. The Internet is filled with filled with accounts about the intensive care that taken in making this flashy film. Several reviews remind us that despite […]…

And Baby Makes Three

Little Archie joins the royal family. Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex have moved from being a couple and are now a family. They have presented Archie, their first born son, to the British people and the world. The child is Queen Elizabeth’s eighth great grandchild and seventh in line for the throne. The rules to the British line […]…