ALMANAC – Friday

On Friday we end the work week. Ideally we have completed our duties but one last burst of energy may be needed to finish up the tasks. Our major problem on Friday is that we feel more like socializing than knuckling down to work. If we cannot accomplish our goals, then we can attempt to tie up loose ends. Before we set off for the weekend, we should thank anyone who has provided assistance and give credit to those who have exceeded our expectations. When you offer our appreciation to an associate, we have increased the number of people in our network. Keep in mind that how we function with people is just as critical to our overall success as any work habit.

The Two-Minute Task on Friday affirms that you live in a loving and beautiful world. Purposefully dress in an attractive manner. Look at yourself in a mirror and appreciate your best features. Plump up the pillow on your couch and adjust the pictures on the wall. Purchase a simple bouquet of flowers for your office desk or dinner table. Put out a dish of sweets for others. Give a compliment to someone who needs it. Picture someone who has loved you dearly. Strengthen your commitments with your current and closest relationship either in person or in writing.

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Friday Rulership

Friday is ruled by Venus, the loveliest planet. Astrologically Venus rules love, union, beauty and harmony.Through Venus we open ourselves to human sensuality and the aesthetic graces. On Friday we honor the spiritual bond within our closest relationships and receive the dazzling inspiration of our Inner selves.

Those born on Friday are Venus Types

Venus Types look for situations that allow them to improve the world or create a sense of harmony. Intuitively they sense the existence of the Inner worlds, yet they feel separated in an inexpressible way. Consequently they dream about high-minded principles and lovely ideals, the more unattainable the better. Venus types enjoy beautifying things, including themselves and their surroundings. They are attracted to any relationship that offers the experience of love, They may hold back their needs for the sake of peace, but this only works for a while, A point comes when the circumstance must be brought back into balance. Confrontation is the hardest lesson for a Venus type.

Individuals born on Friday

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