ALMANAC – Monday

On Monday we enter a fresh cycle of activity. We find ourselves responding to the demands of the new week, as well as attending to unfinished matters for the week before. The Moon oversees tasks that are performed on a regular basis and executed with only minor variations. These small duties are discharged in response to practical necessity and ask for flexibility in our emotional outlook. The major challenge of Monday is an irrational moodiness or restlessness which pervades the day and can only be reduced by calmness. At the end of Monday we may have done a little of this and that, but if have been open and responsive, our situation will be greatly improved.

The Two-Minute Task on Monday adds fresh energy to life and upgrades our environment. Change your linens and make your bed. Hang up any clothes that are lying around. Start a new load of laundry. Unload the dishwasher and put the dishes away. Make a grocery list by checking the items in your pantry or refrigerator that will soon need to be replaced. Water your indoor plants. Do a thorough inventory of your office supplies and place an order. Refill the paper tray in the photocopier or printer. Return any loose papers to their folder. Clean out your email.

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Monday Rulership

Monday is ruled by the Moon, the silvery orb of the night. Astrologically the Moon governs reflection, sensitivity, nurturance and growth. Through this influence we adjust our personal activity to the cyclical timings of Spirit in our lives. On Mondays we approach life in a responsive and imaginative manner, respecting all the diverse lifeforms on this planet.

Those born on Monday are Moon Types

Moon Types experience life within an emotional framework. Like the riders of a roller coaster, one moment they are up and the next day they are down. Moon types can make themselves extremely unhappy if they compare their lives to others. They do better to react to situation rather than to set the pace. They excel when they relax and go with the flow, especially natural rhythms. Their responses to problems are quite sound as they can sense the needs of those around them, but they make the mistake of becoming too attached. Moon types are sustained by the power of their own imaginations and memories. Overall their lives suffer or prosper depending upon their emotional habits.

Individuals born on Monday

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