ALMANAC – Pisces

PISCES – February 19 to March 20 Pisceans are known for their sensitive natures. For the most part they are introverts and dreamers of the zodiac. A gentler, more charming bunch of souls you’ll never find. Although Pisceans are apt to underplay their personal importance, they have the capacity to enrich the lives of those around them. Pisceans can spot overlooked treasures in flea markets or adopt stray animals. They have the ability to see the best in things even in the worst of situations. They also tend not to see their own inherent flaws and areas of self-deception. And at times Pisceans would prefer to escape from the harsh realities of life and reside in a softer, happier world. While alcohol and drugs might appear to offer temporary respites, the gruesome realities of substance abuse must be considered. It is very important that Pisceans look after the practical side of life.

Pisces Professions – Being that you are Jupiter or Neptune ruled, you might give these identities some thought: Anesthesiologist, Bartender, Charity Worker, Chemist, Clairvoyant, Director of Charitable Organizations, Distiller, Chemical Engineers, Escapist, Filmmaker, Fisherman, Hospital Worker, Monk, Mystic, Nun, Occultist, Writer, Philanthropist, Podiatrist, Poet, Priest, Musician, Relief Worker, Sailor, Shoemaker, Swimmer.

Sun Sign Health

“As Above – So Below”
Long ago it was believed that humans are replicas of the universe. Each of us possess the energies of the “sun, moon and stars” in our being. The zodiac signs rule the functions within our physical body. Our job is to keep our personal creation in working order.

Sun Sign Health -Pisces rules the feet and toes, liver, glands, synovial fluid, lymph system, plus the bones of the foot. Pisces conditions include alcoholism, drug addition, sensitivities, confusion, anemia, swollen ankles, boils, ulcers, gout and lameness.

Rest and Recharge – A Pisces individual might find these activities and localities rejuvenating: Comedy club, clown school, culinary class,  operatic performance, religious retreat, wine tasting, foreign film, scenic  cruise, gambling casino,  pawn shop,  expeditionary trek, travel tour and ancient temple.

The symbol of Pisces is two fishes swimming in opposite directions.

Individuals Born in Pisces

In Dayology there are seven types of Pisces depending upon the Day Ray. Here is our growing list of Individuals born in this Sun Sign. And there are more on the way!.

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The Constellation of Pisces

Woodcut from “Poeticon Astronomicon”, Venice Italy 1482