ALMANAC – Wednesday

On Wednesday we have reached the middle of the work seek. It is time to evaluate our progress and make the necessary adjustments that will push us toward our goals. In some cases this assessment requires analysis, but in most instances, a simple observation will do the trick. Mercury is the divine messenger and all forms of communication rule its day. Our major problem on Wednesday is that we may be untruthful about the condition of a situation. We might cover up something that isn’t quite right or remain silent about specific issues that need resolution. It would be of great benefit to remind ourselves that our personal character is shaped by our daily thought, speech and action.

The Two-Minute Task on Wednesday activates our minds and makes us more alert. Make a list of twenty things you need to do today. Count backwards from 100 to 1. Look up the multiple meanings of one word. Using your voice repeat one sentence with as many intonations as you can. Recite a poem of the lyrics of a song from memory. Add and delete some names in your email address book. Make a deliberately quick phone call. Inquire about the  health of a person or the status of an ongoing project. Deposit an envelope in the outgoing mail. Dust your file cabinets.

Wednesday Features

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Wednesday Rulership

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the fastest moving planet in the solar system. Astrologically Mercury rules youth, speed, thought and interchanges. Through Mercury we are educated in the complexities of life and provided with occasions to perfect our craftsmanship. On Wednesday we communicate our truths and seek illumination.

Those Born on Wednesday are Mercury Types

Mercury Types operate at the speed of light and sound. They are highly aware of their surroundings when they are not lost in their own thought processes. Mercury types are quick to pick up on current trends and learn languages easily. Oddly they may not recall the word they have spoken moments previously. Their utter devotion to self-improvement makes them excellent instructors and communicators of technical information. Mercury types are highly impressionable and make wonderful mimics. They are not beyond misrepresenting the situation if it suits their purposes. The Mercury individual with a sense of compassion may choose to serve their fellow beings in the fields of medicine or public health.

Individuals Born on Wednesday

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The Revolving Week

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