Everything about the 7 Day Week


Part of the Solution

Leonard DiCaprio will not give up on humanity. All week long DiCaprio’s new documentary, Ice on Fire, has been viewed on HBO. Many reviewers were  apparently pleasantly surprised to hear that climate change can be halted or even reversed. DiCaprio profiles a number of creative technologies being developed right now. So we know that carbon capture is possible. The dilemma is […]


Dayology in our Relationships

There’s some Dayology in all of our associations – friends, co-workers, parents or children. Dayology is the reason why we feel satisfaction with certain people and friction with others. And of course, Dayoloy is right there in the write-ups of sports figures, film stars and royalty. We can watch it prompting folks  to meet, date, marry, raise children, disagree and go […]


The Planetary Weather Report

We consult weather reports as we plan our activities. Why aren’t we listening to the Planet Change warnings regarding our future? In 2006 Al Gore won awards for his environmental documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Ten years later he followed it up with An Inconvenient Truth Then and Now, which was shown and discussed around the world as An Inconvenient Sequal […]


Bette Midler Chided for using N-word

Should demeaning words and expressions ever be used to make a political point? One would think not! Yesterday Bette Midler walked back the comments that she tweeted about women being the “N-word” of the world. She was clearly dealing with the frustration that many in America are experiencing regarding the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment. These folks are angered by the […]


The Never-Again Protests

March 14th thousands of American high-school students walked out of school in support of gun reform. What do they want?


The People’s Climate March

Today hundreds of thousands of climate change demonstrators march in the U.S.A. and all over the world. They are protesting the lack of comprehensive environmental policies. …….