Everything about the 7 Day Week

It's a Fact!

It’s Hump Day

While it’s hard to discover how many popular expressions have originated, Hump Day is a no-brainer. If the five weekday workdays are lined up in a row Wednesday falls right in the middle. People, who dislike their job often feel that once that they have made it to Wednesday, it’s a downward slide to the weekend. Those with Friday deadlines […]


The Healthiest Day

Back in 2014 an interesting study was published in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine and appeared online in Science Direct. A group of doctors examined the Google search queries during a specific period for messages that indicated an interest in personal health. Their study The Healthiest Day reported they had found an heightened interest in personal health concerns on Monday and […]


Tuesday is the Day

Why do bookstore hold back new titles until Tuesday? It’s called the Tuesday release day. It’s an industry standard to get the books they are really pushing out on the shelves on the second day of the week. And it is a question that is repeatedly asked on the Internet. By the way movies, CD’s, and DVD’s  movies are promoted […]


Getting Things Done

Lots of people think astrology is something that happens up in the sky. Actually it weaves itself throughout our weekday lives, even into our daily tasks. …….


Most Dangerous Day to Drive

When all the data is broken down by days of the week, every recent accident study claims that Saturday has the most fatalities. In fact the numbers show that we are 1.5 times more likely to be in a crash on Saturday than we are on Tuesday.