Everything about the 7 Day Week


Great Expectations

  We’ve waited patiently to discover if the Russian government played a role in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Two years ago a Special Counsel investigation was began to determine possible  connections between Donald’s Trump’s campaign and Russia. This inquiry was assigned to Robert Mueller and began on May 17, 2017.  The final report was submitted to Attorney General William […]


Armed with the Gavel

Today Nancy Pelosi showed up at the White House to negotiate the government shut down. It’s not clear this morning as to what the outcome will be, but our new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is adamantly against the proposed wall across our southern national border.  In her acceptance speech she asserted “A wall is an immorality. It’s not […]


Lock Her Up

It’s the political chant hurled at Hilary. Now it’s being tossed at Ivanka. Will it stick? Ivanka Trump defends her use of a private email account as she  took on the duties of Assistant to the President two years ago.  She says that her lapse in protocol cannot be compared to the charges made by against Hilary Clinton’s while holding […]


Under Scrutiny

It has been announced by the FBI that Jared Kushner is under investigation. How he fares depends upon the nature of his personal character and past actions.


Person of the Year 2016

This  morning Donald Trump was announced Time Magazine’s 2016 Person of the Year -and- the President of the Divided States of America.  This selection makes sense reflecting back over the the past twelve months. No one has ever influenced our daily news like Trump. Most people forget that “The Person of the Year” award is simply a slick marketing gimmick […]


The Peaceful Transition of Power

Today President Elect Donald Trump met with the President Barack Obama to initiate the peaceful transition of power that is traditionally expected of them. Can Dayology explain what happened in that White House meeting?